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Zhao Weifang then issued a statement refuting the rumors: for defamation silence [Abstract] this afternoon Zhao Wei studio again issued a statement of "non China nationality", "collusion with foreign capital to support Taiwan independence" and "controlling public opinion" to respond to rumors, said these rumors are rumors. Zhao Wei studio issued a statement of Zhao Wei’s studio show lawyers Zhao Wei (information) Tencent entertainment news following today (November 14th) morning Zhao Wei studio issued a statement for the "Zhao Wei Hilary campaign funded team" to respond to rumors, the afternoon Zhao Wei studio again issued a statement on the "non China nationality", "foreign capital" collusion "" control, public opinion and other rumors to respond, said these rumors are rumors. Zhao Wei will pick up the legal weapons to defend their legitimate rights and interests. "We need a healthy and friendly way of getting along with people," Zhao Wei wrote. The way in which a building is built on conscience, kindness, and morality. Who want to be able to use A clean hand wants no washing attitude and time to prove the fact that all are not, however, does not explain in the eyes of some people gradually become the "default" interpretation of the statement becomes unwarranted whiten the absurd rumors resulting in a cut "control script". In the face of the endless months of malicious slander, we don’t want to be silent. Because silence will make rumors slander more fertile soil to breed evil and right, will make more people become victims, so that network violence can do whatever they want. Let strangers strangers trample on each other and hurt each other! If the law can safeguard the dignity, we are very willing to protect their rights according to law! In the past few months, all the malicious slander rights! The daughter of Zhao Wei Sheenah sun exposure photograph mother according to the United States for their birthday相关的主题文章: