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Zhang Lanxin "real man 2" Promo goddess and Cheetah speed than Sohu entertainment aircraftsman Zhang Lanxin Sohu entertainment news large Hunan TV special program of national defense education of "real man" officially entered the second season of the recording stage, the exposure of the official lineup of guests, Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Zhang Lanxin, Shen Mengchen, Sun Yang, Jiang Jinfu, Huang Zitao, Li Rui. Different from the first season, this season is the biggest highlight of the four female characters. Recently, "real man 2" program group official micro-blog exposure of the guests personal videos, Zhang blueheart personal videos, and with the text says "volley leap, once again jumped out of her new self outfit, the momentum is compelling, ready to burst of speed and strength". In a blue chip kick, leap, starting every action revealed his skilful breath, sharp eyes and bursts of speed and strength comparable to the cheetah, whether athletes, actors or aircraftsman, this time Zhang blueheart will lead the subversion of the times. Zhang Lanxin sharp eyes dew soldiers heroic super play one from athletes to actor, Zhang blueheart perfect cross athlete, her bones is a feisty spirit, so the program group in the trailers specially with wild cheetah lens show unyielding character. Trailer, sharp eyes, blue heart a body outfit that once again exposed 3 feet 4 big legs, but most is not that big extra legs, but comparable to the speed of a cheetah and explosive force. Zhang blueheart with Taekwondo champion identity brother Jackie Chan in favor of the debut, from the movie "twelve year" to the "Jedi escape" every movie can see her handsome action, smooth and clean the kick, convolution, splits, and in the "real man" in the 2 incarnation, Air Force recruits blue heart still continues, kicking his signature moves, and the kick and the past is not the same as a reference into forest speed King cheetah, however, the moment the outbreak of force and speed but that she did not lose the array. The blueheart Promo in either player outfit or actor dress or military uniform, firm eyes have revealed deep military posture, let netizens exclaimed "army overlord flower" the word is very suitable for use in Zhang Lanxin, from the propaganda film exposure, called "super bear" blue heart seem to be a female man develop a mind ", such long legs, Yan beauty high can kick the air force, do you expect? "Real man 2" in the Hunan TV broadcast every Friday night in the fourth quarter of 20:20.   相关的主题文章: