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Yu Qian sang "rock youth girl" and Li Yong drink greenhouse v.says – Beijing Yu Qian live "greenhouse girl" Beijing Beijing November 1 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 31 days, "the final last idol first season of" aunt sauce on the recording, the famous comedian Yu Qian and host Li Yong with wine. During the meeting, Yu Qian also turned not only disco, rock youth singing "disco girl", very interesting. Three love Yu Qian has been widely circulated, the "Idol" recording should neither paste, then open the brain hole which will be a hobby site to perform "to do", so the host, paste aunt, backstage staff, as well as the program sponsors who have been seated, eating a choice. Most of the "wild" banquet officially staged. The recording scene becomes the second disco "Idol" Yu Qian met four shener seat, the main table, four sauce aunt – the African Queen, sociologist Li Yinhe, Jesse Tang and co host of the astrological days sitting at a table, in the process of "dilemma" from different fields and sharing culture Jiuzhuo Yu Qian analysis. Jesse Tang is the tarot, concerned about their future career "by Yu Qian predicts that there will be a new breakthrough, and that losing weight will be successful, is expected to become a" metrosexual man". Yu Qian after listen to very happy, happy to drink up. The constant mage ascetic sits a table, eating carrots alone was very adorable. Recently, Yu Qian and Li Yong with the partner about the dialogue, understanding of the two is the audience surprise, and in the "Idol" this file should neither paste network variety recording the scene again fit, two people also continue to burden. In this picturesque scene, in the face of a "sell adorable or cool" choice, exposes a "difficult choice:" Yu Qian teacher an innocent chose "sell adorable", with little wine, the old artist Yu Qian live voice sell laugh: "adorable, people like Yu Qian it is the first time to see"! Li Yong Yu Qian sold the program through a series of Jiuzhuo adorable "dilemma", seemingly tricky Yu Qian, it is to show the true nature of drink. As the focus of the audience, Yu Qian is impossible to guard against liquor, he repeatedly "cheers", the "Idol" good drinker, drink better. After three rounds of wine, people nature was completely liberated. In "a dance" and "disco" dilemma, always fashionable Yu Qian chose to challenge the "disco dancing", the second disco, Yu Qian led the field all guests and staff into a hi. The dancing more than, Yu Qian was a good buddy Li Yong singing, singing "pussy" scene, turned the rock youth. "The banquet" wine must be in a delicacy, "drink together, is one of important or important food choices," justice Yu Qian without demur selected the "people", in the program dedicated to the spirit of the idol digging several "not important" dishes, Yu Qian shouted, the program group is too bad both block, when the morning had to show the "doomsday Steak", Huang Zhi listed "sweat chicken", Joker hugged melon and Li Yong A Jiao personally cooking "tomato and egg" have been presented in front of the crowd, Yu Qian was the "all taste" open-minded spirit, big mouth)相关的主题文章: