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Xinjiang Luntai County welcomed 53 poor families of surplus labor employment — Xinjiang channel — recently, Luntai County of Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang in Bayinguoleng held in 2016 second batch of surplus labor force in the county town of Yang Xia to employment enterprises will welcome, welcome 53 poor families in Yuli County rich labor force employment. Yang Xia Zhen Braque cover the villagers Abdiryim? Zi Yawudong said: "Today my son to go to the enterprise employment, before his son did not work so I am very worried, now he is in the county to help enterprises to work, have their own work after I put on his heart, on behalf of thank the party and the government to help the family." Yang Zhen Xia Wu Zong Braque villagers Kan Bayer Ismail and her husband to be examined? Enterprise admission, which makes her happy and excited. "Because the land is very few, the house is indeed very difficult, the county for the couple we created a job opportunity, we all cherish this opportunity, we will learn new technology after work, as the enterprise is home to make their own efforts for the future development of enterprises." Kan Bayer Ismail said numbers?. Luntai County Deputy Secretary of the county kurash Yusuf? At the farewell party for migrant youth encouragement, he hopes the migrant youth cherish the work and learning opportunities, and constantly learning new knowledge, master new technology. Carry forward the fine tradition of the people of Luntai good hard-working, solidarity, abide by the state laws and regulations, obey the management, the courage to endure hardship, sureness, mutual help and common progress, to become a model of national unity, do not live up to the expectations of hometown folks. In recent years, Luntai attaches great importance to employment and entrepreneurship, the implementation of the number one project to strengthen the overall planning of employment and entrepreneurship, organizational leadership and policy coordination. At the same time vigorously promote and encourage workers to self employment, self employment, and guide the whole society to form a common concern and support the work of employment and entrepreneurship a good situation. According to statistics, since 2015, the township of Luntai county to rural surplus labor employment enterprises in counties of Luntai Industrial Park, Korla City, Yuli County, the more than 500 people. (Linhai tursun Osman?) (commissioning editor Li Xiaoxiao and Han Ting)相关的主题文章: