November 19, 2017 feichang 0Comment questioned the Internet Co "996" working system: the way out from the off a smelly chess Tanghua remember a story a few years ago, that is in the middle of the night to go to Zhongguancun Beijing’s habit of lying alive, because there IT, Internet companies often work overtime, these employees always stay up till midnight will leave. A similar joke, perhaps to some extent that overtime is the existence of the Internet enterprises in the "unspoken rule", but it was a crazy news, also let the implementation of the "996" working system of a Internet Co in the whirlpool of public opinion. "Overtime culture" is very common in China, almost every company leaders are working overtime for love desperately, homely food employees, and the model of such employees as a good employee praise and publicity. This of course, but if no ground for blame enterprise managers, use various means to force employees to become "workaholic", is not normal. People are not machines, need to work outside the family life, entertainment and leisure, which is the legitimate rights and interests of employees. To meet the rights of employees is not only the embodiment of social responsibility and humanization, but also the prerequisite for the enterprise to maintain its vitality and realize the benign development. Some of the world’s leading Internet companies understand this. These companies are not only able to provide highly competitive high salaries, their benefits or enviable. One of them is that employees work time is relatively free, the company will not force employees to work overtime all day. Does this mean that the boss is a kind man? Obviously not, seemingly flexible, comfortable working environment behind, is almost harsh assessment tasks and selection criteria. It is interesting that, in this seemingly contradictory philosophy of management, the staff’s innovative potential has been mobilized, companies have developed generations of epoch-making products. Thus forming a virtuous cycle: enterprises to open up the market through innovation, disruptive products, grab a high profit, and then put money into research and development of new products and improve the treatment of employees, to attract more high-quality personnel to join, bring the product technology of the next round of upgrades. In contrast, most of the domestic Internet companies, it is difficult to really come up with innovative products, we are crowded in a mature market has been saturated with the difficult to play zero sum game". They earn meager profits even the development of new products are not enough, how could also be used to improve the treatment of employees? In order to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises and employees to Sike, forcing employees to work overtime. It also forms a cycle, is only a dead cycle: employees in the poor working conditions, even sleep quality are constantly on the run all day, can not guarantee, what about innovation? The lack of innovation in the company, it will have to continue in the Red Sea competition deeper and deeper, barely live. From this point of view, the enterprise is the way out from the off a smelly chess forced overtime. Innovation is the first power to lead the development of the theory of wise remark. The company is forcing employees to work overtime, in fact, is a how to look at innovation, how to look at the role of employees in innovation activities. All companies, including Internet companies, the way out in innovation, in order to seek long-term development, we must through innovation, swim out of the red sea.相关的主题文章: