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Xie Nan "westward journey 3" love the wrong Lang female killer through husband Tencent entertainment news on September 12th afternoon, the movie "westward journey 3" premiere conference held in Beijing, the director Jeffrey Lau, starring Han Geng, Xie Nan, Zhang Chao, appeared together. Xie Nanjin is frequent strength dog abuse, let a person in the movie rich emotional drama "cow lady" is full of expectations. Love the wrong person arena first female killer as continued "Westward Journey" series finale and Chinese classic love story, compared to the previous two suspense upgrade, the relationship between the characters more whirling. Among them, he is a representative of our love to kill, cut and chaotic, the perplexing relationship between the characters, Xie Nan summed up in four words: a god. In the film, Xie Nan plays Princess Iron Fan, she said: "the director said I was the first arena female killer, (married demon love with others)." In the play, Xie Nan and Zhang Chao Han Geng are the devil, so emotional entanglements. As a young Zhang Chao introduced Xie Nan tongue bluntly: This is my wife, oh, and I can’t say that……" Xie Nan s understand Zhang Chao’s awkward, immediately joking out: "OK, he (Wu Jing) is not in." It turned out that as a super Kung Fu Kung Fu superstar Wu Jing, this time in the film played by Tang Seng, surprisingly, with his wife, and there is no rival drama of the play, and then there is no such thing as a drama in the film, and there is no such thing as an actor in the film, and then there is no such thing as an actor in the. And the conference, Wu Jing make a movie "wolf 2" because of the absence of regret. Through the parallel space see husband affectionate dog abuse "if yueguangbaohe really exists, you can make a wish what?" Xie Nan said: "in addition to travel to the past and future, I also want to cross the parallel, to Dalian, because Wu Jing was there filming, I want to let him feel our love team." The masses eat melon touch off guard was fed a mouth dog food, dog abuse is the strength of this make the scene laugh if we. For this movie, Xie Nan hesitate to praise, praise "love", the director said: "it is the director of young love, especially romantic." Xie Nan also live Tucao: "when on Mother’s day, Wu Jing did not think, first director gave me a bunch of flowers, this is the first time I got flowers on Mother’s day, I believe that the director will give us a more love story in the movie." It is reported that the film "westward journey 3" has announced that it will change in September 14th landed major theaters nationwide, was friends known as the most successful mid file "of the film. I believe Xie Nan played by the cow lady, Wu Jing played the strongest in the history of the Tripitaka, with a new image, refresh the inherent fans on the classic impression. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: