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"World of Warcraft" after the legendary pictures and Tencent and Tencent cooperation "King Kong" entertainment news September 17th, the theme of "new exploration · total growth of the Tencent ‘annual conference held in Beijing, at the press conference," King Kong "has become a dream: Skeleton Island studio released blockbuster finale. In 2005, a "King Kong" adventure film successfully created a beautiful and "King Kong" story. Today, Hollywood is planning to let the "legendary gorilla return". This "King Kong: Skeleton Island" movie is expected to be released in March 10, 2017. The movie "King Kong," King Kong "Skull Island": Skeleton Island in 2005 is not the sequel or remake, legendary pictures will re create new stories, create a new chapter of "King Kong", and in 2014 released "Godzilla" plot connection. "Skeleton Island" will become the main stage of the film, it first appeared in the 1933 "King Kong" novel and the same name film, this island is also home to many prehistoric dinosaurs, indigenous people. This mysterious and dangerous area, will bring the audience a great impact on the visual and special effects film experience. This is not the first collaboration of Tencent and legendary pictures. This summer for Tencent to participate in Legendary Pictures movie "Warcraft", was launched by the platform, resources and channels of its own, its full power in China has nearly 1 billion 500 million at the box office, become a new starting point for the Tencent and Hollywood pictures and overseas cooperation. Chen Hongwei said: "the following pictures Tencent will and more agree with us, and with us through the pan entertainment way to create the concept of IP partners, to create more possible cooperation." Finally, Chen Hongwei also announced at the scene, "King Kong: Skeleton Island" trailer. Chen Hongwei 2016 conference theme of "new film Tencent to explore · total growth". The press conference, the pan entertainment in the thought of taking IP as the core under the guidance of the focus on "young", "unique", "high quality" and "connect" four major labels, film Tencent bursts of 21 film projects, and announced the exploration of artists brokerage business. Personnel training, Tencent pictures will be through the "NEXT IDEA" program to support young film talent, also announced the signing of Niu Chengze and other backbone established strategic cooperation satellite studio. The conference lasted two hours, showcasing the progress and thinking of this film was founded the Tencent for a year. Vice president of Tencent, Tencent group pictures CEO Cheng Wu attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference invited the world famous film Tencent co writer David S. Goyer, director Lu Chuan, Zhang Xiaobei, Yang Shupeng, Ma Boyong, Chise Takashishige, writer producer Maki, actor Chen Shu, Damian Lau and other 40 members from the video segments of the cooperation on behalf of the stage, to complete the project.相关的主题文章: