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Business Taking Control of Your Environment Its a typical day in the life of home-based businessman Bob Kornfeld. And, as usual, things are a just little bit hectic. A client called to discuss an up.ing project, but Bob cant find the notes from their last conversation anywhere on the desk in his home office. One of the kids must have been using his .puter yesterday, because his settings are wrong and its running slow. But then again, hes had to answer so many phone calls he hasnt had time to get anything done anyway. Now hes got to organize a last-minute teleconference before the plumber arrives to fix the kitchen sinkwhich of course could be at any time in the next three hours. Small business coaches know that for people who run home-based businesses, one of the biggest professional challenges is managing what can sometimes be a very unprofessional environment. The more distractions there are, the harder it is to concentrate on the task at hand and do it well. But there are solutions available to help small businesspeople get the most out of their work space. Draw a Line between Home and Office An office is a place to work. It is not a place for the kids to hang out and play .puter games, or a spot for solitaire breaks while cleaning the garage. It should be a place that fosters productivity and focus. A place where work gets done. So if a home office is to serve as a functional place of business, it helps to follow a few ground rules. 1. Devote a separate space to the office. A spare room is ideal, but if you dont have space, a separate corner or area will do. 2. Keep all others, especially children, out of the office during business hours. 3. If at all possible, keep the .puter off-limits to children. Invest in an inexpensive .puter for them to use. 4. Keep papers and clutter organized in drawers or files. 5. Get a separate business line to separate work-related calls from all other calls. Physically Separate Home from Office If course, even if the best of circumstances, finding the space and privacy necessary to work productively at home can still be an issue. But there are other options available to small businesspeople. An executive suite offers all the perks of a traditional office the pressure of a long-term .mitment. Often available month-to-month, they are usually professionally furnished and equipped with all the necessary .munication and technological equipment. They .e in a range of sizes to suit one-person operations as well as larger ones. And the best part is, they include mail, administrative support, cleaning costs and more. Another, even more affordable solution is the Virtual Office. These offer only the services you need, from a separate address and phone service while you still work from home to meeting space, conference calling and other flexible, pay-as-you-go solutions. These three options should offer a solution to any small businessperson. Copyright (c) 2010 Chuck Boyce About the Author: 相关的主题文章: