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Food-and-Drink Just how much water do we consume daily? Is it two? How about three? Nope, that is not even close. If you drink a healthy amount you are supposed to have approximately eight eight-ounce glasses. Sometimes it is called the eight-by-eight rule. That is a whole lot of water when you really think about it. It is a necessity that we cannot ignore. If you are expected to consume water consistently it should taste good, it should be clean, and it should be easy to retrieve. We happen to be lucky that most first world nations are provided for when it .es to safe drinking water. However, just because we have clean water to go around does not mean it will always accessible in public spaces. All schools, parks, office buildings, and homes should be equipped with fresh filtered water. I cannot count the amount of times I have been to one or more of these locations and found that their water dispenser, water filter, or water fountain was "out of service" or that something just tasted funny. Aside from environmental messes that contaniminate water there should really be no excuse for poorly operating water filtration. These .munal spots are meant to keep people happy and hydrated. They be.e locations for small talk, breaks, and .fort. Just pass by any office water cooler and hear the gossip that is going on there. You know that if these employees do not get their break they will be far less productive. And that is honestly only the tip of the iceberg. What happens when someone is not feeling well due to dehydration? It is a health hazard that public administration should consider with great severity. Really, all public spaces should have money to invest in a trustworthy source to supply them with oasis water coolers, everpure water filtration systems, or aqua pure filters. Whether it is a sink water dispenser or a tank for a cooler or water fountain, they should guarantee clarity in taste and filter out any clorine, odor, and impurities. You wouldn’t find those problems with aqua pure water. In parks especially it is important to have places where people can have clean water because physical activity in heat could lead to exhaustion, heat stroke, fainting spells and otherserious conditions. This is not something to be kidding around about by any means and local towns as well as cities should take care when noticing the facilities are sub-standard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: