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Us Russian relations deteriorated, Russia said that working on the return to Cuba and Vietnam according to Russian satellite news reported on October 7th, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nicola pankov · 7 in the State Duma of the Russian Defense Ministry said, back to the possibility of Cuba and Vietnam in the study, the Soviet Union had deployed bases in the two countries. In 7, the Russian State Duma, the Russian army members asked whether will return to the country such as Cuba and vietnam. Mr Pan said that the work is being carried out in this area, and stressed the need to disclose details of the problem. According to the Russian news agency quoted the words of the 7 Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke said that the Russian Ministry of defense is currently reviewing the decision to close these overseas military bases. However, he refused to make further explanation. Currently, Cuba, Vietnam and the media did not respond to inquiries. The former Soviet Union in the Bay Naval base. It is understood that the USSR in the early 60s in Cuba, Lourdes has set up a monitoring station at the end of 70s, established a naval base in vietnam. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 continue to use the two military base in Cuba, the monitoring station became Russia’s most important overseas electronic information center, until 2001 and 2002, two bases were closed in succession. In March 2001, Russian President Putin’s visit to Vietnam, before discussing the concession Vietnam port, Vietnamese sailors in Hanoi. According to Russian satellite news reports, before 2002 in Cuba had a Russian radio intercept center (official name: the Russian Embassy in Lourdes Radio Electronic Reconnaissance Center). The center was able to intercept data from the U.S. communications satellite, ground communication cables, and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Florida center. The Russian Defense Ministry in October 17, 2001 made a decision in a closed door meeting, closed at Lourdes military base. According to official sources, the annual use of Lourdes rent to 200 million dollars. The Russian naval base in the Bay was closed in 2002. According to the Moscow and Hanoi agreement signed in 1981 (the validity period was extended to 2004), the Russian Navy leased the 2 largest dock to dock ships and submarines, and about 30 coast warehouse, and are equipped with any aircraft landing run road infrastructure and complete life. Cam Ranh Bay plays a key role in the Russian Navy plan. Because only the base to maintain the possibility of Russian naval presence in the waters of the India and Persian Gulf waters. The port’s annual rent is $300 million. Russia currently uses an air force base and a naval base in Syria. Us Russian relations lead to the deterioration of Russia’s intention to return to the 8 reference news citing foreign media reports, the statement of the Russian officials, may be in the relationship between Washington and Moscow are deteriorating under the premise. Recently in Syria, both sides accuse each other, accusing each other of Syria lead to escalation, Xinhua News Agency reported on 7, 6, a Russian military officials warned the United States, don’t try to launch air strikes on Syria government forces, or the Russian ambassador to syria"相关的主题文章: