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To celebrate the 18 anniversary of the huge benefits of Happy Valley in Shenzhen struck, together with you to seize the tail of the carnival! 2016 Rio Olympic Games perfect closing, and Happy Valley Carnival will continue to Carnival this month, 28. What can not be missed is that in order to celebrate the 18 anniversary of the opening of Happy Valley, Happy Valley will be in August 26th, launched a series of heavy discounts to thank the public and tourists love. Visitors not only enjoy the "one vote and play two garden", "garden will also enjoy half price policy, August 26, 2016 -8 month 31 days, every day early in the official website of Shenzhen Happy Valley tickets, only 120 yuan can swim all day long Shenzhen Happy Valley (120 tickets per person per day, the purchase of 3 copies). As the summer can not miss the carnival feast, Shenzhen Happy Valley this summer launched a new hurricane Bay theme areas, including super sense of science and technology "hurricane fortress" and "the XD cinema" two big projects for tourists, visitors can experience the most popular sport in the whole space of multidimensional interactive "hurricane fortress" earned experience the use of laser gun, and large curved screen broadcast of the film interaction, allowing visitors to full integration into the plot, experience the fun of sports multidimensional interaction; and "XD cinema" is take visitors sit in the multidimensional tailored dynamic seat into a realistic speed Coster (top speed) experience in the world, with a roller coaster ride, collision, decline, gallop in the broad fields, downward glide or drill into the cave, into a full stimulation of the sensory experience of the world To experience the speed of virtual reality. In addition to Happy Valley park every day dozens of Interactive Arts in this summer is also a new upgrade, colorful parade car, samba passion dance, magic show, hanging constantly exciting, visitors can interact with the actors in the gun battle, can also enjoy the Caribbean style performances, funny street performances show wonderful performances, staged the very gold mine in the town western cowboy dance style and theme show equally brilliant, of course, don’t miss the funny car park tour theme, because you will see people be struck dumb shows and funny performances uproarious. Come and grab the tail of the summer vacation, come to Happy Valley to continue the carnival! (Gong Shuzhu) (Note: This article belongs to Tencent.com publish business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only)相关的主题文章: