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Tian Liang conference was ridicule: back to the hotel to remember to pull the curtain – Sohu entertainment "shining father" in the second quarter and "good luck Tour" will be launched, the group photo. Click to enter [HD Photo]   Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen Yuanhui video) the afternoon of November 17th, Daye Powerise project conference held in Beijing, announced the two projects — "the fourth quarter of 2016 will start the second season and shining father", "good luck" tour, the two show were settled in Shenzhen southeast TV and satellite tv. The same day, Kevin Cheng, Tian Liang, Deric Wan and other stars back to the scene. Lin Dan derailed just to be photographed, the host in question ridicule Tian Liang, back to the hotel to remember to pull the curtain, Tian Liang did not talk much about it. "Shining dad" start in the fourth quarter of 4 mysterious stars to join the conference, announced the industry will continue to produce "Powerise shiny dad" in season second, this season’s theme will focus on left-behind children, in order to clear the left-behind children and their parents between two groups of dislocation, closer to the distance of the heart. The general director of "shining dad" Qin Minyi, recorded in the second quarter of the preparatory period, the director of the group and the group traveled more than a dozen provinces China screenwriter, finishing nearly one hundred villages and schools, and ultimately will be filmed in Yunnan Honghe Chengzi village. "There are more than and 300 children, most parents are not around all year round, but they still have a sincere smile in strength, we think this place can be done we want to convey positive energy, also believe that the second season is destined to be a different shining journey." However, the day of the conference, the column group did not announce the second season to join the "flash dad" candidate, it is reported that "shining father" in the second quarter of 2016 will be officially opened in the fourth quarter of. Deric Wan was Tucao a hangover show Kevin Cheng distressed to learn Mandarin in addition, big industry also brought a star Powerise depth experiential cultural tourism task show "good luck Tour", Kevin Cheng, Tian Liang, Deric Wan, Yueh Sun (comedian Deyunshe), left (Zuo Da building) and Zhang Zhihang have appeared. Good luck tour will take Fujian as a travel destination, while enjoying a unique scenic spots, through the completion of the task to the audience to introduce a place worth visiting. The conference site, six "good brothers" Qi Liang, came to open the "chunqiangshezhan" mode. Brother Deric Wan was the collective Tucao a hangover show every day ", which made the media surprised. It turned out to be warm Sir Mandarin so that everyone complained that it is difficult to understand". Also from Hongkong’s "Bye" Kevin Cheng also said his first time to participate in the reality show the biggest challenges is to speak Mandarin, "the first really not what". Comedian Yueh Sun is selected as the program we have been "the most unlucky person", Deric Wan called the game "successor" black hole, but he also seems to have become accustomed to such a "good luck", broke the news himself almost from the first period began to rain. Although the youngest brother Zhang Zhihang, but has not been brother "easy", he broke the news site in the program "close to everyone burning feet of water, the six foot basin five Water Leakage"相关的主题文章: