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Thursday: SMG 031 Basque Henk on Thursday 031 lions fight to win or die lizhan Europa Bilbao VS Henk 2016-11-04 02:00 · sports; Venue: the new San Mames Stadium: 12 local weather sunny this week in the Europa event in Bilbao athletics is a fight to the death. After three pre war group made only one win and two losses ranked at the end of the group, Basque must recognize the reality of proud and arrogant, that is a battle of this field and Henk only three points in a choice, otherwise they will be very slim qualifying prospects. The situation if the first round group phase defeat away, Thoreau was also seen as careless, so a debacle in Belgium that B does have problems. Fortunately, leaving them there are three games, the current leader Henk and Bilbao gap is only three points, the opportunity is there, the key to see Basque lion can grasp. In fact, after losing to Henk, Bilbao has failed to find the feeling of victory, especially by the Austrian Sassuna Sunday league home court draw to the outside world worried about their state, even worse is the midfielder Bennett injured, now he played the duel with Henk’s little possibility. Is expected to start (4-2-3-1): Hurley Lind Max, Ere, rappolt, Barron, Rick Williams raspe of Zia Kay and Garcia, Muni Ann Aduriz. The visitors are using the powerful Belgian team Henk won two games in the home court fight battle, after the defeat of Sassolo and they became the first athletic group. The current road shengmameisi, Henk fighting force or weakened, after all the home court in Europe are quite famous devil home court. If Henk was in and out of the body, they will cut the target distance further cross. Is expected to start (4-3-3): Biso Te Castagner, Brabeck, Clay, Didi, Su Na pisticci Vujacic en, Sue Elo Bailey, Calleri J, Buffel, pang. The results of prediction for the ball Shengping Fu (-1): -.

周四竞彩031:背水一战 巴斯克雄狮力斩亨克周四031 欧罗巴 毕尔巴鄂竞技VS亨克 2016-11-04 02:00 · 比赛场地:新圣马梅斯球场 当地天气:12度 晴 本周中的欧罗巴赛事对毕尔巴鄂竞技来说是一场生死战。在小组赛前三战仅取得一胜二负位列该组末尾之后,心高气傲的巴斯克人必须认清现实,那就是本场与亨克的一战只有三分一个选择,否则他们的出线前景将十分渺茫。 主队近况 如果说小组赛首轮客场不敌萨索洛还被看作是大意的话,那么上一场在比利时的溃败则说明毕巴确实存在问题。好在留给他们的还有三场对决,目前毕巴与领头羊亨克的差距也不过是三分,机会是有的,关键要看巴斯克雄狮能否把握得住。 事实上在输给亨克之后,毕巴一直都没能找回胜利的感觉,尤其是周末联赛主场被奥萨苏纳逼平让外界有些担心他们的状态,更要命的是中场大将贝纳特还受伤下场,目前来看他出战此番与亨克决斗的可能性不大。 预计先发(4-2-3-1):赫雷林 德马克斯、耶雷、拉波尔特、巴伦齐亚加 伊度拉斯佩、里克 威廉姆斯、加西亚、穆尼安 阿杜里斯。 客队近况 比利时球队亨克利用主场作战的强大斗志连赢两场,在分别击败萨索洛和毕巴之后他们一跃成为该组的头名。本轮客战圣马梅斯,亨克的战斗力或将有所减弱,毕竟这个主场在欧洲都是颇有名气的魔鬼主场。如果亨克能在此战全身而退,他们距离晋级的目标又将跨进一步。 预计先发(4-3-3):比索特 卡斯塔格内、布拉贝克、克雷、纳斯蒂奇 苏西奇、恩迪迪、庞苏埃洛 贝利、卡莱里斯、布菲尔。 赛果预测 让球胜平负(-1):胜。相关的主题文章: