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The world’s largest medicinal botanical garden will be built in the planting base of Chinese herbal medicine of traditional Chinese Medicine – Cambodia promotion Beijing Beijing in Phnom Penh on 26 August, (Li Yi Yang Chen) the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region health and Family Planning Commission, Party members, the director of the Guangxi botanical garden Miu Jianhua six invitation of the government of Kampuchea, from 25 to 27 days to Cambodia investigation and promotion and cooperation China traditional medicine, and medicine in Kampuchea to exchange views in the development of planting bases and other matters with the Cambodian senior. Miu Jianhua in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the government of Kampuchea excellence hall, and the Kampuchea national village committee secretary general Xie Songnan products and the Ministry of health officials said the talks in recent years, Chinese and ASEAN countries health cooperation and exchanges deepening and expanding areas of cooperation, increasing cooperation in space. Guangxi as the front window and an important gateway to ASEAN China docking, organized by China ASEAN International Exchanges and cooperation forum, oral medicine, traditional medicine China ASEAN forum, Chinese ASEAN traditional medicine health tourism international forum series of activities of the forum, and ASEAN cooperation in the field of medicine has achieved fruitful results. He said that to further deepen bilateral cooperation in medical and health Chinese, national health and Family Planning Commission, the people’s Government of State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is scheduled for October 27, 2016 held the first China ASEAN sanitation cooperation forum in Guangxi Nanning. When the administrative departments of health China, ASEAN and other countries officials, WHO, China ASEAN center and other international organization officials, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, youth medical talents, innovation on the theme of health cooperation, promote common development, carry out special topic discussion. "During his visit to Cambodia, we very hope to invite Deputy Prime Minister Incaili attended the inaugural China ASEAN health cooperation forum, on the other hand, want to inspect Kampuchea planting base project." Miu Jianhua said. He said that Guangxi medicinal botanical garden is the world’s largest medicinal botanical garden, founded in 1959, a total collection, preservation of more than 5600 species of living medicinal plants, of which more than 100 kinds of rare and endangered medicinal plants. Kampuchea has a wide range of tropical forests and green vegetation, which grew a number of medicinal plants. "Guangxi medicinal botanical garden planting project in Cambodia hopes to further promote investment of medicinal materials, Cambodia health cooperation, the promotion of traditional medicine". Xie Songnan said that China and Kampuchea are good friends, good neighbors. All along, the Chinese government and people have provided a lot of help to the development and construction of Kampuchea. "The government of Kampuchea China welcome enterprises to Cambodia in various fields of investment. In medicine and hygiene, Cambodia and China has always been a close cooperation, Kampuchea is rich in land resources, suitable for the development of planting industry, hope that the delegation can gain fruitful results." 26 am, the delegation also accompanied by Gao Hua, President of the chamber of Commerce in Kampuchea, Guangxi, went to live in the province, the province of the field visits to the base of the project in. (end)相关的主题文章: