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The typhoon "catfish" hit Taiwan agricultural farmers lost more than Beijing Beijing in September 1 billion – 29 NT Xinhua Taiwan "China times" reported that the "Mei Ji" (mainland called "catfish") typhoon heavy rain and strong winds seriously affect Taiwan agricultural production, agricultural total loss of more than 1 billion yuan (NT, the same below). Among them, including Hsinchu County, Yilan Samsung persimmon village, Changhua County, Kaohsiung green grape Qishan banana, guava, Tainan nest Madou pummelo and other well-known representative products, farmers were few efforts to sweep light, light persimmon fear cut into 4, Madou pummelo 3 less, the most serious is guava the fear of dropping up to 8, the farmer is bleeding. Yilan Samsung delicate onion onion tube, the enemy "catfish" 17 wind, have bent lodging, onion farmers said the injury put onion tube fear decay, at this stage should quickly spray sterilization, to avoid damage to expand. Yilan County preliminary assessment of agricultural loss 200 million yuan. "2 months The whole army was wiped out., unable to supply!" Zhang said that the original analysis of onion farm, "catfish" from Taitung landed, so didn’t rush in the harvest, how the material path North repair, direct hit on Yilan. Hsinchu County kinhan persimmon Education Park, located in the windward side, the person in charge of Liu Xingwu pointed out that the garden is fruit and leaves, the persimmon tree has the ability to defend itself, the next few days may also have a second wave of fruit flavor; Wei Jia persimmon farm leader Lv Lijian said that the rough estimation of persimmon production will be reduced into 4, has even two years of harvest the poor season is expected to end early. Tainan white pomelo date is approaching, but "Meranti", "catfish" added to let farmers get. Mattau mayor Lin Zhenlu said that the Mattau white pomelo planting area of 130 hectares, the day before the half farmers rush in the harvest, "catfish" after the drop occurred one after another, estimated to be missing 3. Changhua County village, Pu Xin Xiang winter grape to branch node was swept into the early fruit, no strings; Shetou dozens of hectares of guava is not strong winds hit "smelly fire coke", is first cleared, two banana garden is also the whole river cut down the middle. The last "Meranti" hit the nest of guava guava, this year the market price high, Changhua chichou, Shetou guava is rare to meet this season coming in, did not expect to break the "catfish", guava Orchard Fruits, is not destroyed, the wind hit broken skin, collision, a "smelly coke fire", the loss of more than 8. Taiwan "bottomdwelling" preliminary statistics, the current agricultural loss of 1 billion 28 million 930 thousand, agricultural losses amounted to 964 million 750 thousand yuan, an area of 18570 hectares of crops was two, rice also broken billion loss.相关的主题文章: