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The State Oceanic Administration: play role in promoting cross-strait Mazu culture cooperation – Beijing, the original title: State Oceanic Administration: play a leading role in promoting Mazu culture exchanges cross-strait cooperation in the new agency of Meizhou Island on 2 November, (Ruan Yulin Lin Chunyin) initiative, director of the State Oceanic Administration China Wang in Fujian on 2 Meizhou Island in Putian at the world Mazu Culture Forum, Mazu culture, representing the four cross-strait belief roots, all the children of the Yellow Emperor blood, should give full play to the leading role of Mazu culture in folk exchanges, to further promote multi culture, tourism, economic and trade cooperation between the two sides of the four. Since the Song Dynasty, accompanied by their understanding of marine use pace, Mazu culture has been widely recognized and embraced, air plant at sea countries along the silk road. "The water at Chinese, Chinese everywhere Matsu, for thousands of years, in order to Meizhou Mazu culture as a starting point, continue to expand, from coastal to inland, from the world Chinese, has gradually become an important cultural ties of the Chinese nation through the ocean connecting the world. In September 2009, UNESCO will Mazu’s list of world intangible cultural heritage, has become China first class letter vulgar world heritage. Wang Hong said that this marks the China marine culture in Mazu as the representative, has been recognized worldwide. "Play a positive role in" Mazu culture folk culture has an important strategy as a national new period to promote cultural exchanges, deployed in the "economic and social development of the thirteenth five year plan" of middle school students. Wang Hong said, Mazu culture is a treasure of Chinese culture, is an important part of China marine culture. As the connection of Chinese people’s spiritual blood and constructing harmonious world cultural ties, Mazu culture will in the marine power in twenty-first Century and carry forward the construction of the maritime silk road. The Wang Hong initiative, to continue to explore the Mazu culture, to highlight its rich culture of virtue. These virtues focus on expressing the wisdom of the working people for the relationship between man and man, man and society, man and nature, and the good ideas of survival, communication and development. To explore the good Mazu culture, highlight and make good use of these to cross borders, across time and space, with the contemporary value of traditional virtue, to show the unique charm of Chinese culture, enhance the national cultural soft power important significance. Wang Hong said that the development of Mazu culture, witnessed Chinese and countries along the Silk Road, accompanied by the rise and fall, the boat is share together danger and safety, communication history. Promote the Mazu culture to reflect the pro Cheng Hui Yung "diplomatic idea, promote China with countries along the Silk Road cultural exchanges, and create a friendly atmosphere for the twenty-first Century maritime silk road construction has important practical significance. The current and future period, should further explore and enhance the contemporary connotation of Mazu culture, Mazu culture and promote the combination of the spirit of the sea, let burst out the glorious era of Mazu culture. (end)相关的主题文章: