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The "Star Trek" in 3: two star villain logic? The Huang Xiao meeting room in the name of Star Trek film leave out from before harvest will raid the cinema, finally coming to the end of the advertisement, sweet waiting for Star  Trek; several large words slowly rise, but did not change the titles! Change and director, was born in Taiwan by the Asian star Lin Yibin, Lin Yibin’s "speed and passion" series of third to sixth of the director, no wonder space racing and alien war scenes as fuel, with the "Star Wars" the Milky Way "guard" "men in black" the film instantly face blindness 50 years of Star Trek, the universe is submerged in the fighting action movie that depends on a sense of. The most terrible is that at the beginning of the enterprise, it was blown into iron, with a glimmer of hope in the enterprise, the devil bee attack arm to survive, miraculously survived, but not. "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" although named "3", in fact, is the series of the thirteenth big screen works. The "Star Trek" is a 1966 TV series, is about a large spacecraft to explore the Milky Way story lines. The magic show was broadcast live on 2005. At present, there are 6 Star Trek series, 12 movies, and hundreds of novel, has formed a strong sub culture, in the United States for 39 years, thousands of sets of drama, weave a huge world view and view of history, the concept of space, political outlook and outlook on science and technology network. The original works of fiction writers of science and technology to create a sense of paranoia to paranoia. It also involves physics, medicine, biological objects, and many other areas of science and technology, to some extent, the interference to the StarCraft series on the development of contemporary science, the "Big Bang" in Sheldon is a big star trek fan, the countless tribute. Again, why change titles wow. The enterprise, on seven or eight people, thousands of years after the Polish drama, formed their indelible character, their understanding of people envious, because love each other, interlinked, if this is the villain in the eyes of Carle’s weaknesses, can only say that this session in two there is a villain too, like Chinese management seems to be similar to the beat of the masses to struggle, so that they feel energetic, loyal team of life and growth in nature, focus. Because captain Kirk will let him down for a while to let him repair the torpedo, spacecraft, will let him pull advertising, will let him treat him as a newspaper, the indiscriminate use of talents together, a focus on the pet phrase is "I’m a doctor, not a XXX" old bones, this set of play more foot, he found happy birthday to Kirk in the heart, say that I am a very emotional person, know that you will not happy birthday, the day your father hung up well, old miserable scene. Kirk asked him, do you teach you how to communicate effectively with patients? But the old bones in there or there is a surplus of EQ Spock, Spock and he saw Afanda (Afanda as saying the girl does not seem so juicy and smart, that only a few years) girlfriend out of the situation, the universal level leaks in our earth, said, if the girl said, not you, that is my problem.)相关的主题文章: