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The "Star kitchen assembly" ugly Hawick Lau eat tofu – Yan fight Sahuan entertainment   Sohu; star suffered " persimmon rain " Sohu entertainment news "Star kitchen assembly" on a stage to Fujian Tulou, opening to his face "persimmon rain" will be the star guests hit the light, confused and disoriented. Yin Xishui, a heavy fall, amused everyone, although distressed him, but people can’t control yourself. We don’t volunteer to laugh. Persimmon bath is not a simple game, in fact, is a kind of Hakka custom: celebrate harvest. In this gourmet journey, the star guests feel a lot of Hakka customs, but also learned the Hakka cuisine. Hawick Lau caught the chicken to sell tofu, ugly dance can not be happy to play a game called Cuju ~ ~ in the "star of Cuju, transformed into" kitchen ", take the chicken". In order to compete for food, the chicken, the guests but cast cast run, rob, let mammy soon catch up with the intense scenes like needle, with commentary, but not too funny. So, the Wuli value of Yan as Hawick Lau, he has cleverly present appearance of war, a mass of melon cuisines. He escaped the "kick chicken", but can’t escape the jump picking lantern dance. Red red decorations, OMG, who knows what he has, what is the burden idol. His heart is struggling, so stay Meng Hawick Lau chose to sit quietly on the ground, acting as a "cylinder", a good routine. See from the outside is not the same as those sexy bitch wensong, in the competition to sell bean curd links, show that all women are ashamed of "charming" and "sexy", but why not spicy eyes (black mark face, JPG). Yan value to play Hawick Lau is in the next to eat tofu, Sun Yan value, take a customer. Hawick Lau accidentally burn cooking competition win wensong care for the security team to a link, the players during the fried tofu, the pot of oil burst out, Hawick Lau accidentally burns. Considerate wensong he painted toothpaste for emergency treatment. The audience found, usually on the stage with the wensong stir to sing is a humorous man, is an essential travel home. In the "Star kitchen" relaxed and happy journey, the life of the star guests, the screen side, the audience have the honor to witness. Burn does not affect the next PK cooking, Hawick Lau after the apprenticeship, to careful attitude, perhaps face value of the small points, win PK. He is skilled at cooking, and it’s not hard to imagine that he would do it for his family when he was at home. Later in the interview, he talked about the work arrangements, home less, want to go home to cook for the family. One word, warm. The next period, Kaka will take the security team, Wuhan team to Jinhaihu, a "hidden" drunk to countless people’s quirky singer Sha Baoliang, Zang Hongna will join the search for delicacy trip, but it has a little regret, for details, please lock the next Friday night 9:20 Tianjin TV and next Sunday evening 8:30 Southeast tv.相关的主题文章: