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Mobile-Cell-Phone The Samsung Galaxy S allows the business user to edit documents easily, featuring ThinkFree Office Mobile which allows images and text to be edited within Microsoft Office documents (Excel, Word and Powerpoint). It also features the Android operating system and powerful hardware. The handset .es with integrated Google Maps and uses the power of the popular maps and directions service to provide the user with three different views (real street view, traffic view and satellite view respectively) with automatic in-car mode when in the car cradle (holder), to provide turn by turn navigation to the user. Meanwhile the exclusive Layar browser offers the user local points of interest when they scan the phones main camera across their surroundings within their current location. The handset has integrated Contacts, bringing together all of the users email and social networking contacts in one phone book and providing the latest updates form social networking services and newly added contact pictures too. The Social Hub Inbox feature meanwhile, .bines all in.ing and outgoing messages. Integration is also possible with other services including Facebook, Google and the Calendar. The Samsung Galaxy S also has an intelligent text input method which allows the user to be able to reach up to forty words per minute. The Swype input technology featured, makes it possible for the user to trace their finger from one letter to the next with the on-screen QWERTY keypad and the Swype feature recognises which letters to type, rather than single letter input. With the additional Write and Go app, a message can be easily created and sent directly to social networking services such as Facebook or Twitter, or by text message, email to the Calendar or as a Memo. The Samsung Galaxy S provides a fantastic 4 inch Super AMOLED touch display which is capable of offering vibrant colours (up to 16 million) with high resolution and up to 80 percent less reflection, so it is not severely affected by direct sunlight. The phone is also powered by a 1 GHz processor which allows it to seamlessly run multiple applications at once on the Android 21. (Eclair) operating system which then user can add apps to through the Android Market app. The Samna Galaxy S consists of many impressive and powerful features .bining great hardware and software together for a all-round brilliant handset. The main 5 megapixel camera and large touch screen display offer a new world through the amazing apps featured to many possibilities for any user. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: