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The president of South Korea Lotte Group involved in corruption prosecutors arrest warrant application in September 20th, South Korea Lotte Group Chairman Xin Dongbin told reporters in Seoul. Xinhua / EPA in August 26th, South Korea Lotte Group staff group into the office door. (Xinhua / Ou Xinshe) xinhuanet.com Beijing on 27 September, South Korean prosecutors sources said 26, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office for the alleged embezzlement of money and breach of fiduciary duty in South Korea Lotte Group Chairman Xin Dongbin warrant. The huge amount of the 61 year old Xin Dongbin is the second son of Xin Gehao, founder of Lotte Lotte at the actual power. In June this year, South Korean prosecutors suspected Lotte founder Xin Gehao and his son, the family suspected of embezzlement, dereliction of duty and tax evasion and so on, began to conduct a comprehensive investigation of Lotte Group headquarters and a number of branches of the. Yonhap reported that the prosecution that Xin Dongbin alleged manipulation of a series of "shady" within the subsidiary Lotte Group, including the use of authority to the family members to be Lotte in Japan or South Korea subsidiary "nominal" directors, and pay high wages to them. According to the prosecution, Xin Dongbin to his brother, his father Xin Gehao and Lord Xindong third wife Xu Meijing daughters were paid 40 billion won (about 240 million yuan) and 10 billion won (60 million yuan) of illegal compensation. In addition, the prosecution also believes that the construction company Xin Dongbin and Lotte Group’s value of 30 billion won (180 million yuan) associated with bribes. However, due to lack of sufficient evidence, prosecutors did not formally charged. Prosecutors said that the new family suspected of illegally obtaining funds or up to about 170 billion won ($1 billion). 20 this month, Xin Dongbin had been to the identity of the suspects prosecutors summoned for questioning. He denied most of the suspects. "Positive and negative for the arrest of Xin Dongbin would be the impact of the prosecution of" in-depth "discussion", a senior prosecutor an unnamed said, "we consider, as South Korea ranked fifth large enterprises responsible person, the arrest will bring influence to the economy of South Korea, but that in the criminal investigation on enterprises must be fair, so decided to apply for arrest. Yonhap reported that the Seoul central district court hearing will be held on the 28 day, the final decision on whether to issue warrants. Prosecutors also plan to arrest Xin Gehao, Mr Xu Meijing and Mr Tung for prosecution without arrest. "Seriously affected" as South Korea ranked fifth large enterprises, Lotte Group’s business covers real estate, amusement park, hotel and catering, retail and other fields. In August last year, as the second son, long Shin kyuk Ho, Essien East Main and Xin Dongbin set off for the right of inheritance due to infighting, Simpson’s family split into two factions, respectively support Xindong Lord and Xin Dongbin at the helm of the a huge business empire. Lotte Group of two brothers franchise days of struggle at that time occupied the Korean media headlines, causing public resentment. Allegedly obtaining illegal funds and dereliction of duty and other events for the Lotte Group once again cast a shadow. Analysts believe that if Xin Dongbin was arrested, Lotte Group will have no small impact. "In South Korea’s corporate governance structure, even if the owner is arrested, the company can continue to maintain the daily operation, but the相关的主题文章: