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The people’s Liberation Army anti radiation missile simulation platform in radar launching – Fire bombed Military Channel for Sohu anti radiation missile hit the target before the moment. The picture shows the anti radiation missile will be completely crushed target. 17, there is the northwest desert CCTV news reports of "red" Air Force combat drills, which display f -10 fighter carrying Eagle -91 missile, the missile hit the target and radar images. That the military observer network commentator, the target is to PLA Second air search radar antenna system 2D simulation of advanced 3D search radar target, from its characteristics, it may simulate Taiwan main active AN TPS-75 (V) air intelligence radar. This shows that the people’s Liberation Army Air Force Training increasingly practical, training for the war, the taste is growing. CCTV footage of F -10 fighter is after landing is taxiing, in the ventral center rack and the inboard wing pylons to carry a tank, that is the implementation of the remote mission. The left wing pylons with an eagle -91 or KH-31P linked with bomb (tail sealed), right lateral wing pylon with blue thunder -8 hang training bomb. From the state, may be carried out combat missile training, the right wing hung with anti radiation missile ammunition may have been launched in training. In this scene, Eagle -91 missile hit the target scene of CCTV news footage. Observer network military commentator said that from the screen can be seen, the target has two antennas. With the Russian P-15P-19 series low-level blind radar at first glance a little similar. This target antenna should be used in the early production of the radar system modified, the cost is more cost-effective. The target while installing two antennas, it should be used to simulate the 3D scanning radar, there is a vertical scan antenna. The radar may simulate a S band radar. It is inferred that, despite the transformation of the old radar, but the target is likely to simulate a mobile deployment of the 3D scan remote warning radar system. According to the data, on the other side of the Strait military in 2000 through the "battle management radar overall deployment case", began to buy a series of American advanced radar, radar system is the replacement of the old early. Its core is TPS-117FPS-117 and TPS-75 (V) radar. These radars are passive phased array antenna for the long-range search radar, which TPS-75 (V) mobile deployment radar and the United States at the time of active equipment synchronization, which is a great importance to taiwan. The radar is a kind of work in the S band (accuracy) of the aerial remote radar, detection distance up to 400 km, including ballistic missiles capable of detecting various targets. With a high degree of electronic countermeasures, but also equipped with a variety of radar bait, and the radar itself can also be in a short time (half an hour in the day, 2.5 hours in the evening) to transfer positions. In the U.S., this radar is generally configured to provide instructions for the target level, the Patriot air defense missile. TPS-75V radar is Taiwan’s baby pimple.相关的主题文章: