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The last day of the holiday, said to the mother’s birthday? Sohu eat and drink holiday was really fast enough to eat a full stomach full seven days!! How many people are on holiday three pounds of fat seriously look at the original three kg agreed to the motherland and the mother birthday cake even a shadow can’t see never mind ~ now when apple apple cake to a quarter turn feeling the full weight of the (8 inch) Browned Butter Apple Upside-Down Cake practice: 1, make clear butter in a saucepan, heat 12 cup butter. It takes about 5 minutes, when the bubble increases, butter browned, away from the fire, with a towel pad below, be careful not to burn Oh 2, with a solid bottom 8 inch cake mold, with a little butter softening anti sticking 3, apple peeled cut into small slices, can be soaked in brine reserve 4 cook caramel apples with a small milk pot will be clarified butter, cinnamon, sugar melts, boil after adding apple and cream, cover the lid, turn a small fire until 5, making apple soft boiled cake batter: put butter and sugar together to pass the fine sand color light volume, add egg here. The sugar can be replaced by brown sugar, flavor will be better in 6, then add milk, continue to stir 7, sieve into the flour, baking powder and salt, with a scraper replica evenly 8, Caramel Apple posted on the bottom of the cake mold, try to skim the caramel sauce, and then pour all the cake batter 9 and finally into the tender oven third, on fire 175 degrees, bake for 35-40 minutes 10, released after a cover plate in a cake mold, then turn it over to cook the apple caramel sauce do don’t waste, can be poured on the surface of the cake oh love cinnamon can Duosaduosa Apple Cinnamon is a good friend ~ oh!相关的主题文章: