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The first stage project of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant fully completed – Beijing Beijing in September 20 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station held a press conference on the 20 day Chinese announced that the first nuclear power plant in Northeast — Hongyanhe Nuclear power a project fully completed. Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant is located in Wafangdian City City, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, is Chinese during the "11th Five-Year" first approved to start the construction of nuclear power projects, the largest energy construction project is in Northeast china. The first phase of the project planning and construction of 4 million kilowatt nuclear power plant unit 1, which started construction in August 2007, and in June 6, 2013 officially put into operation, the follow-up units per year a speed have been put into commercial operation. According to reports, the first phase of the Red River single unit installed capacity of 1 million 118 thousand kilowatts, using CPR1000 nuclear power technology Chinese brand, a project the average localization rate of more than 75% units, and the localization rate gradually increased. Hongyanhe unit 1 reactor pressure vessel is a million kilowatt nuclear reactor pressure vessel manufacturing China’s first independent design, the realization of China in the field of historical breakthrough. At the same time, steam generator, steam turbine generator and other key nuclear power equipment manufactured by Chinese domestic manufacturers, and part of the equipment by the Liaoning production, to a certain extent to promote the Liaoning and the northeast old industrial base of the development of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry. According to statistics, the purchase amount in the province of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear power project reached 3 billion 400 million yuan. The general manager of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Liao Weiming said, Hongyanhe Nuclear power a project of 4 units fully completed, to promote the northeast old industrial base revitalization in Northeast China, adjust the energy structure, promote green development and low-carbon development and China nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry and many other aspects are of far-reaching significance. With the increase of the production unit, Hongyanhe Nuclear power plant will continue to strengthen personnel training and experience feedback, for the community to provide a safe, reliable, economical and clean power. It is reported that the two phase of the project of nuclear Hongyanhe two units have started construction in 2015, has made good progress, plans to build a comprehensive power in 2021. (end)相关的主题文章: