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The first bicycle theft Mobell indicted suspects the man stealing a bicycle for the first night of v-mobile bicycle theft case good-looking indicted suspects night man stealing a bicycle "just because a nice" Washington (reporter Yao Shi correspondent Han Xiao) in September this year, a man will be parked on the roadside bicycle Mobell moved back home, a few days after the positioning device find the v-mobile bicycle company query system of staff through the bicycle comes to address. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to be summoned to the police station to investigate the suspect han. Recently, Minhang District procuratorate suspects Mr. Han to Minhang District court prosecution. It is understood that in the case of the first prosecution Mobell bicycle theft. Mobell bicycle company employees one day found in the inspection system in a bicycle from September 10th to 18, has been in a non operating state. According to the experience of v-mobile bike so long time parked in the fixed position of the less and less. The next day, the staff through the v-mobile Mobell positioning device on bicycle, bicycle parking place to search located near the Maqiao town Yuan Jiang road. According to the precise positioning, found that the bike was pushed to a certain area of a household. Mobell staff went upstairs and knocked at the door no response, then dialed 110. After police arrived at the scene to find the landlord, the landlord called the tenant Han called to the scene. Han opened the door, locked the v-mobile bike in the house. Mr. Han suspects after appearing in court to explain the day around 11 p.m. after he saw the cell door a public rental bike parked on the roadside, for a few days this bike seems to have no people to ride. Han think this bike appearance color of the atmosphere, very beautiful, they move the crooked idea. He said at the time, found the car can not move, the night has been deep, seeing four unmanned, the v-mobile bike moved back to his home. Never ride a public bike Han, a home, they began to study how to unlock the bike. He saw the v-mobile bicycle with a scan two-dimensional code label, then using a mobile phone to scan a two-dimensional code label on the mobile phone screen to download "Mobell bounce bike APP" page. Han after a few attempts to find his phone can not download this APP, but under, Han will be put on the bike at home, did not continue to try to download the software. In the trial, the suspect Mr. Han take the initiative to admit his own behavior, and account for myself to illegal possession of the v-mobile bicycle. Procuratorate that Mr. Han suspects to the illegal possession for the purpose of secret theft of company property, the value of 1800 yuan, the amount is more than 1000 yuan to a large amount of the standard of conviction, their behavior has violated the "People’s Republic of China law" should be held criminally responsible for theft. Hot news: rail line 18 station on the starting point of 8 stations in the simultaneous construction of IKEA old age: blind corner talk about friends can live together the House bill is spell exposure in Shanghai without paying extra fees not more 4S shop selling cars have been rife in the transfer list of female teachers had questioned cited a doctor fracture (Figure) against man stop being shouted Lao Tzu police stopped money withdrawal request ticket (Figure) weather forecast:相关的主题文章: