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The establishment of the Internet development value — new Wuzhen Summit Forum for the development of new media technology in Sohu – everyone has a microphone in the era of highly developed communication technology to promote social progress at the same time, it also brings information difficile true, the problem of network space dragons and fishes jumbled together, and has become a trusted and eagerly look forward to the urgent needs of the people. The afternoon of November 17th, the Wuzhen International Exhibition Center Hall Internet pillow water aisle was packed with All seats are occupied., the audience. The Third World Conference of the Internet new media development forum is here, the Chinese and foreign guests around the heated discussion how to deal with the media structure changes and challenges, consensus through exchanges and convergence, and enhance confidence by consensus. "The power of the network is set, the foundation of the collection is trust." Deputy director of the state Internet Information Office, Ren Xianliang was the first to speak, in his opinion, the network governance is credible basis and starting point of pattern shape. "Others happy, happy people happy," said Ren Xianliang, the network of multi subjects, the diversity of interests, can only win-win symbiosis, only true in order to truly promote emotional communication, spiritual communication, only in a trusted network, different people and nations can become the interests of community, community of destiny and responsibility community, "China World Internet Conference of the mind, is to build a global Internet governance sharing platform." Deputy chief editor of people’s daily, the Secretary General Wang Yibiao believes that with the rapid development of Internet, various social media and from the media in an unprecedented development, greatly enrich the content of the network at the same time, a large number of false information, false information science rampant. A number of false information dissemination of a long time, a wide audience, the majority of Internet users have a serious misleading." Wang Yibiao said, the mainstream media have the responsibility firmly become numerous and complicated information filter, extreme views correction valve and the social mentality of ballast, communication order, communication quality and communication quality determines the future of new media, new media development needs to have a good environment and ecology, the basic way is the common construction of trusted network space." He suggested that the construction of "trusted Internet", to build the technology base, to create credible credible market environment, to provide reliable legal guarantee. The current environment to accelerate the evolution of communication, but whether it is thirty-six or change to change the authenticity and credibility of the media must always uphold the quality of the seventy-two." Shanghai newspaper group president Qiu said, vulgar content, spreading rumors, plagiarism flooding, spam and other phenomena on the Internet, exposed is the absence of responsibility. He believes that the mainstream media to do the maximum volume of gold microphone, become the backbone of the coordinates and establish value. The guests know for the construction of "trusted Internet" is highly consistent, so, how to find a way to prevent problems and risks, information distortion can also enable mankind to share the new media development dividend on the road? Hoffman, executive chairman of the United Kingdom, co-founder of the view of Reed, is to build a credible Internet needs to build a credible world, the most important thing is to build a trusted platform. He took his British company, for example, said, "our users need real name note"相关的主题文章: