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The Bundesliga champions league defeat in Bayern: recommended for any opponent – Sohu game time: 2016 10.01          Saturday   21:30: 0.84    asian handicap   Bayern Munich       2.0            in Cologne; 1.02 in Europe Index: 1.13      7.00      12 match Preview: Saturday night sixth Bundesliga round in full swing, the defending champion Bayern in the Bundesliga in the dominant position and no one can, the team for 4 consecutive seasons dominate the Bundesliga champions, the strength is sure. This season, Ancelotti coached the tactician, the club wants Bayern to regain the lost Champions League trophy. But in the week in the Champions League group phase, Bayern visits to Spain but 0 to 1 loss to Atletico, the recent 8 game winning streak is interrupted by the strong. Of course, the loss is not necessarily a bad thing for Bayern, but also the 4 round of the group stage to be staged, the Bayern team is still a great opportunity to qualify. The move to the Bayern League, facing the dark horse this season, the team may have trouble in Cologne, home court. Although the strength difference between Bayern and Cologne rivals several grades, and the last 6 meetings are lost at the foot of the opponent. But this season the team unbeaten start, has now climbed third in the table, Dortmund and Bayern to the integral side down, is not possible. Although in the Bayern handicap chase midweek Champions League defeat, but had no effect on the confidence mechanism of victory, Bayern chupan make 2.0-2.25 deep dish, in which BET365, 10BET and the deeper data open 2.5, enough to see the gap between the two teams, Bayern recently 6 face Cologne unbeaten, including 5 win win plate, may continue to believe that Bayern can win the match. Half the recommendation: flat wins, wins, score: 5:1, 4:0 – recommended Beijing single field Bayern Munich (-2), SMG recommended: 3 let the ball Shengping fu ball, Bayern Munich (-2) recommended: 3相关的主题文章: