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The bank said the meeting with the leadership of the executive judge to come back the next day will be fined 100 thousand yuan – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Zhengzhou in September 23, 23 reporters from the Henan Provincial Higher People’s court was informed that, for refusing to perform its obligations to transfer the debtor deposits, the agricultural Bank of Tanghe branch was Chinese Xinchun court fined 100 thousand yuan. In February 2014, Fangcheng county court together with criminal fraud, sentenced Zhao Jun four years and six months imprisonment, and fined 80 thousand yuan. After the entry into force of the judgment, Zhao Jun offered to pay a fine of 30 thousand yuan, and the rest of the penalty was not found for the implementation of the property, has not been implemented. In September 2nd this year, Fangcheng county court found that Zhao Jun in the Agricultural Bank of China branch of the new year there is a deposit of 77 thousand yuan, then made the Zhao Jun cash account 50650 (including the execution fee of 650 yuan) yuan to transfer the implementation of the decision. The afternoon of September 8th, court enforcement officers holding the relevant formalities to the bank, requiring the personnel on duty to assist the relevant formalities Xingna qi. Qi said the leadership is in a meeting, can not handle the relevant business requirements, the implementation of police officers to come back the next day. In be informed about the internal provisions not against the law, and once the transfer account money will cause irreparable loss of state, Qi refuses to contact the relevant leaders, and turned away to work on is reasonable interpretation of the law execution of police officers no longer ignore, lead to the obstruction of execution. In view of the Spring Branch refuses to fulfill legal obligations, the court made the decision in the end of Spring Branch, fined 100 thousand yuan, and on the same day to the line served a fine decision. At present, the spring branch has been set aside to assist the court in Zhao Jun deposit accounts, make the suspension of Qi Xingna decided to accept the deal, and have to pay a fine of 30 thousand yuan. Henan Provincial Executive Secretary Zhou Mingjie said, refusing to assist in detain the debtor’s income, handle the relevant formalities of transfer of certificates of property rights, relevant negotiable instrument, certificates or other property, or other refuse to assist in the implementation of behavior of the people’s court shall order it to perform its obligations, to relevant units and responsible person, the persons who are directly responsible shall be fined or detained, and can put forward judicial proposals to be disciplined to the relevant personnel to supervisory organs or other relevant organs.相关的主题文章: