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The Australian government’s ratification of the extradition treaty with China was signed in 2007 [Global Times comprehensive report], according to Australia’s "Sydney Morning Herald" 18 reported that the Turnbull administration is ready to proceed with ratification of extradition treaties signed with China several years ago. Reported that Australia and China signed extradition treaty in 2007, but has not been approved by the government to enter into force. The treaty will be submitted to the treaty Committee of the Australian Parliament as early as next month. Australian Foreign Minister Bishop said in Beijing on 17 April: "Australia will promote the ratification of extradition treaty.". We believe that Australia and China continue to make progress in many areas of bilateral relations, and the law enforcement relations between the two countries should also be improved." The Sydney Morning Herald said Chinese government officials put the extradition treaty as a continuation of bilateral policing cooperation and the outcome of the signing of the International Convention against corruption at the APEC summit in Beijing in 2014. Australian law enforcement hopes to get help from China to prevent illegal drugs from entering australia. According to reports, the current Chinese continued to promote the pursuit of overseas operations "Skynet" and "fox". At present, Australia can consider extradition requests from China in accordance with the United Nations Convention against corruption and the United Nations Convention against transnational organized crime. It is said that Turnbull will visit Beijing in April this year for the first time as prime minister. (Wang Xiaoxiong) editor in chief: Mao gang SN184

澳政府推动批准与中国引渡条约 曾于2007年签署   [环球时报综合报道]据澳大利亚《悉尼先驱晨报》18日报道,特恩布尔政府准备着手批准数年前与中国签署的引渡条约。   报道称,澳大利亚与中国2007年签署了引渡条约,但一直未获得政府批准生效。该条约最早 将于下月提交至澳议会条约委员会审议。澳外交部长毕晓普17日在北京表示:“澳方将推动引渡条约的批准。我们认为,澳大利亚与中国在双边关系的诸多领域都 不断取得进展,两国执法关系也应得到提升。”   《悉尼先驱晨报》称,中国政府官员把引渡条约作为双边警务合作持续推进以及2014年北京亚太经合组织峰会签署国际反腐败公约的成果。澳大利亚执法部门希望获得中国的帮助,阻止非法毒品进入澳大利亚境内。   据报道,中国目前持续推进海外追逃行动“天网”和“猎狐”。目前,澳大利亚可以根据《联合国反腐败公约》以及《联合国打击跨国有组织犯罪公约》考虑来自中国的引渡请求。有消息称,特恩布尔将于今年4月首次以总理身份访问北京。(王晓雄) 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: