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The 28 year old former national champion women’s volleyball team died of sudden myocardial infarction "genius" disease how terrible? Sohu news these days, national champion Huo Xuan sudden myocardial infarction died at the age of 28 women before the news, people marvel. Let a lot of Netizens feel doubt is, the body of the athlete should be very good, why also can burst heart rate? It is understood that life is from Huo Xuan called "genius" disease of Marfan syndrome, previously, the sports industry is the disease claimed the lives of many athletes. Marfan syndrome is what? What is the relationship between this disease and myocardial infarction? Yesterday, the modern express reporter interviewed experts in Nanjing. Modern Express reporter Liu Junanying ZAKER of Nanjing women’s Volleyball National "genius" disease killed recently, before the Henan women’s volleyball team captain, Olympic champion Zhu Ting Henan team mate, have been selected for the women’s volleyball team China Huo Xuan, died due to myocardial infarction died in Zhengzhou, only 28 years old. Was informed that after the death of Zhu Ting Xuan Huo, sad. She said in November 1st: "micro-blog recall and Huo Xuan sister contact or I just entered a team in Henan, she is taking care of our children, we have no training clothes, she also gave us clothes." "I haven’t seen you for years Huo Xuan sister, said this is actually listen to her message, really very sad, here to express the Huo Xuan sister miss, may all the way Xuan Huo jie!" The news also shocked users. In the eyes of ordinary people, the body is a great athlete, only 28 years old how to myocardial infarction? Modern Express reporter noted, Huo Xuan MI and not everyone believes that ordinary MI is also hidden behind an unknown disease — Marfan syndrome, also known as "genius disease". It is understood that the men’s former national champion Zhu Gang also because the disease died. Genetic disease, a high, long arm is obvious features of Marfan syndrome in the end is what? Department of Cardiology Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University director Ma Genshan introduction, this disease is a congenital genetic disease, the disease will cause the overall changes in patients with skeletal features, limbs, fingers and toes are slender, thin body, height significantly beyond the ordinary, hand foot long long, swollen joints, and vision will change. Ma Genshan said that 95% of the patients died of cardiovascular complications, common aneurysm rupture and congestive heart failure. Ma Genshan said, Marfan syndrome can be said to be the "devil" killer, is also very easy to misdiagnosis of the disease. Gulou Hospital cardiothoracic surgery director Professor Wang Dongjin said that such patients in appearance, and ordinary people are not the same, slender limbs, hands over the knee; bending fingers, also known as the "spider"; many of them suffer from myopia; Zhang Kaiping stretched out from the arms is greater than the length, lower than the upper body length. Marfan syndrome is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, if both parents have one Marfan patients, children must be Marfan patients. Why does "genius" favor athletes? "Every year we are admitted to hospital ten cases of patients with the Marfan syndrome, last month, the hospital had had to rescue two cases with sudden death. Accompanied by chest tightness, chest pain.相关的主题文章: