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Teach you 6 strokes to do conditioning anorexia baby autumn eat porridge baby appetite? In the autumn, many mothers think that we should give the baby nutrition enhanced resistance, what nutrition to the child what to eat, but the results of the baby inappetence poor appetite. Faced with these problems, how to recuperate? Why the baby easy to loss of appetite? The reason is that the development of various organs of the child is not yet perfect, gastrointestinal function is weak. Many children indulge in cold drinks in the summer, the stomach to eat bad, resulting in decreased gastrointestinal function, naturally do not love to eat. But after the beginning of autumn weather is dry, do not have children, adults are also very easy because of dry heat, cause indigestion and other discomfort, mouth parched and tongue scorched heat phenomenon, these children will lead to loss of appetite. In addition, the fall of the children not only easy to catch a cold, because of the shortage of water is also easy to cause constipation and other intestinal diseases, which cause loss of appetite. In a dry climate, the human body can produce a lot of fluid loss of "dry"". For example, lung injury, more often have a cough, dry cough without sputum or phlegm to cough, called "dry cough". Nasal epistaxis is especially common in dry or dry after the beginning of autumn, the attack will often cause dry throat, dry mouth, hoarseness and discomfort. These discomfort can lead to child anorexia. Baby autumn diet to follow four principles, 1 autumn tonic suitable porridge drink although into the autumn, but the weather did not reach the best tonic season, autumn weather is dry, easy to get angry child tonic heat, plus the child’s digestive system and immune system was not fully developed, they are all very difficult digestion and absorption. We also need to pay attention to. The children eat some suitable tonic nourishing porridge, fish porridge, congee, like shrimp flesh, soup, soup Sydney like food. Which can play the function of nourishing, and will not lead to hot fire, and fill the role of the spleen and stomach, shoot two hawks with one arrow. 2, drink honey appropriate benefits early autumn children drink honey can be said to be the best of the season, the body prone to dryness in autumn, and autumn will drink honey in the lungs, nourishing lung function, reduce the impact on the human body qiuzao. Honey contains dozens of natural nutrients, the child’s healthy growth of great help. Every morning fasting drink a cup of honey, very good for the stomach and the child’s health organs nursed back to health. However, parents should pay attention to the bubble is not too high when the water temperature is too high, warm water about 45 degrees, the water temperature is too high will destroy the nutrients in honey. 3, eat fish eggs, fish, shrimp and shrimp eggs rich in protein, is the main source of nutrition of the human body, after the children went to the early autumn, the parents may be appropriate to increase the intake of protein foods, to help the healthy growth of children. Therefore, at this time the children have poor appetite from the summer slowly return to the original children’s appetite, appetite, food intake will increase, fish, shrimp and meat. Don’t worry too much fat intake due to fat accumulation, after the fall, the number of parents can increase the children to eat fish and shrimp. 4, should not be added in the food tonic medicine some parents like to add some food.相关的主题文章: