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TD Securities: RBA material and FED of interest rate risk of overseas halt the troops and wait on global foreign exchange February 2nd — TD securities on Tuesday (February 2nd) to today’s Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) interest rate decision made, feeding the RBA will need to focus on overseas but halt the troops and wait, and the Fed interest rate risk (FED). The agency said that during the holiday Australia retail sales data innovation high, employment growth rate of 3% and China import record highs in the RBA’s optimistic remarks, in addition to exchange rate has also achieved good performance, expected the RBA will halt the troops and wait today. The agency also said, but the overseas economic development is still a challenge for the bank, the line is expected to show that overseas risk has increased, the other line of interest rate hike in the Fed speech is also worth attention. Traders are betting that the RBA is unlikely to cut interest rates on Tuesday. The country’s cash interest rate target is at record lows of 2%. Market prices suggest that interest rates may be cut later this year, or reflect the risks associated with China, Australia’s largest trading partner, rather than market expectations, and the Australian economy needs further stimulus. In addition, the well-known foreign media reports also pointed out that in other countries the central bank governor to quell due to a slowdown in economic growth and China concussion market, Australia and the Australian dollar weakness in the job market to strengthen the excitement, Australia Fed President Stevens (Glenn Stevens) has suspended further cuts in space. However, Paul Bloxham, the chief Australian Economist at HSBC, believes the RBA is satisfied with recent strong employment growth and corporate conditions, while inflation is low and is expected to remain moderate, allowing the RBA to reduce interest rates further. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

道明证券:RBA料按兵不动 关注海外风险和FED加息   环球外汇2月2日讯–道明证券周二(2月2日)对今日的澳洲联储(RBA)利率决议作出前瞻表示,料澳洲联储将按兵不动,但需要重点关注海外风险和美联储(FED)加息。      该机构表示,假日期间澳大利亚零售销售数据创新高,就业增长率达3%以及中国进口处于纪录高位使澳洲联储保持乐观言论,此外汇率近期也取得良好表现,料澳洲联储今日将按兵不动。   该机构同时表示,但海外经济发展对该行来说仍是个挑战,预计该行此次将表明海外风险已增加,另该行有关美联储加息言论也值得关注。   当前交易员押注,周二澳洲联储降息的可能性微乎其微。该国现金利率目标已处于记录低点2%。市场价格显示今年晚些时候可能降息,或反映了与澳大利亚最大贸易伙伴国中国相关的风险,而非市场预期澳大利亚经济需要进一步刺激政策。   另外,知名外媒报道也指出,在其他国家央行行长努力平息由于中国经济增长放缓而震荡的市场之际,澳大利亚就业市场加强以及澳元走弱带来的刺激,让澳洲联储主席史蒂文斯(Glenn Stevens)有暂停进一步降息的空间。   不过,汇丰控股首席澳大利亚经济学家Paul Bloxham认为,澳洲联储对近期强劲的就业增长以及企业状况感到满意,然而通胀低企且预计维持温和,让澳洲联储有空间进一步降息。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: