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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the leaders of the Taiwan region will visit the Vatican stressed new network principles – at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Nur of Republic of Kazakhstan Sultan? Abishevich? Nazarbayev will be held on September 1st to 5 on Chinese working visit to the guests and heads of state attended the twenty leaders of the group of Eleventh summit. Q: the death of former president Nathan Singapore before the funeral will be held tomorrow. Whether China will send representatives to attend? A: Mr. Nathan has contributed to the development of China EU relations during his term as president of singapore. We express our deep condolences to the death of Mr Nathan and express our sincere condolences to the government and people of Singapore and the families of Mr. Nathan. As far as I know, Singapore Embassy in China will hold open condolence activities this afternoon, will go to the leadership of the Ministry of foreign affairs Mr. Nathan. Q: what is China to the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea ended will overall how to evaluate? What is the impact of the North Korean test firing submarine missile on the meeting? A: the Chinese government has released the news in time for the meeting and the meeting. At the same time, I noticed that there are still some media reports in Japan are not consistent with the facts. The foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea will be in the relationship between three have held some difficult conditions. China has decided to attend the meeting, and with Japan and South Korea have a number of positive interaction, in itself to promote regional peace and development and improve the relationship between each other has constructive significance. In particular, the foreign ministers will be held on the eve of the group of twenty summit held in Hangzhou, Japan and South Korea have expressed their support for the successful holding of the Hangzhou summit, is willing to strengthen cooperation with china. Japan and South Korea also hope that under the auspices of the Chinese side, the summit can inject a strong impetus to the world economy, and to improve bilateral relations to provide positive factors. China emphasized that the three party should be the spirit of "face up to history, future oriented" spirit, overcome difficulties, eliminate interference, accumulate consensus, focus on cooperation, especially in the four key areas of political, economic, cultural, sustainable development, through the "four wheel drive", help the three party cooperation. Japan and South Korea are important economies in East Asia, the foreign ministers will also make preparations for the upcoming Asian cooperation summit. During the meeting, the three sides were bilateral contacts, help effectively manage differences and improve relations with each other. The three sides also agreed to take advantage of the winter and summer Olympic Games have been held to carry out Olympic cooperation to enhance people’s friendship. In view of the latest changes in the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the three parties also discussed. Foreign minister Wang Yi has demonstrated China’s principled position and stressed the importance of full compliance with the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 2270th. Ask: in the meeting of foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea, whether maritime issues become prominent issues? Answer: the meeting of foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea, the parties did not discuss the problem of the sea. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on the East China Sea issue during the bilateral meeting between China and japan. Foreign minister Wang Yi indicated the principled position of the Chinese side, saying that both sides should focus on adhering to the consensus of the four principles, properly manage differences and give full play to the role of the existing dialogue and consultation mechanisms. The discussion is constructive and helpful. As for the South China Sea issue, it is not the topic of the meeting. Q: Recently, some Russian brigade.相关的主题文章: