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The Taiwan student film "Godfather" Lin Qing Jie articles film debut the new network Fuzhou – in the original title: Taiwan student film "Godfather" Lin Qing Jie bring movie debut Fuzhou cross-strait film to join hands in new network Fuzhou on 20 September, (Lin Chunyin Zhang Shijian) "looking forward to the two film people can walk hand in hand, to promote the film industry of cross-strait integration, common to the world about the beauty of Chinese traditional culture." There are student film Godfather known as the director of Taiwan, Lin Qing, said here is between. 20, 2009, the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival in Fuzhou venue crew meeting will be held in Fuzhou. Taiwan’s famous director Lin Qing with the film "fantastic students" crew appearance. The movie "homecoming" fantasy by two star power to send Chung Hua Tou, Li Xingwen, Wang Caihua, Gong Zhe to the new generation of actors playing together, tells the story of a group is 45 years old, once at the age of 17 for three years in high school classmate friends, because have a classmate will be derived from the conflict and the love story many laugh with tears. Reporters learned that the film scene design with a thick Taiwan flavor". In the film a scene from the southern Taiwan landmark building and cultural space series, including Snake Kiln in Nantou, Taiwan Museum of literature, and concise text specially marked. Lin Qing said in particular that the Taiwan version of the text is not marked, especially before the mainland to add. From the mainland show from Jiangsu actor Wang Rui, a drama with Wang Caihua in the film, talk about younger man, a humorous, upright and true nature of the land with little meat. In recent years, Wang Rui will shoot development focus shifted to Taiwan, he said, "it is love filming together and birch color sister, can learn a lot." When it comes to cross-strait exchanges and cooperation film Lin Qing said that the mainland youth film more attention to packaging and marketing, Taiwan focus on content. Look forward to the two sides can go hand in hand counterparts, and promote the integration of the two sides of the film industry, together to tell the world about the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. (end)相关的主题文章: