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Taiwan airways really want to disband – Taiwan Channel – TransAsia Airways flight landing scene. Today, the airline is about to enter history. (picture) according to Taiwan’s China Times reported that, following the proposed grounded day after application, Taiwan airways November 22nd interim meetings of the board of directors, and the dissolution of the company decided to stop. It is reported that the next step will be held by the shareholders’ meeting, the shareholders will apply to the stock exchange after the city. Founded 65 years of TransAsia Airways is about to enter the history. San   group airways was founded in 1951, is the first private airline in Taiwan, mainly engaged in Taiwan area routes, cross-strait routes and regional international routes, share of about 20% in the aviation market in Taiwan. Hub airport Taoyuan airport and Taipei Songshan Airport. Now the direct cause of fully suspended and the dissolution of the company, is a sum of about 2 billion 300 million yuan (NT, the same below) of the overseas Switching Company debt expires 29 days, facing huge redemption pressure. TransAsia Airways chairman Lin Mingsheng has been raising funds, hoping to spend money off". But the relevant sources, the environment is so poor, cross line, international line loss, even after the close, TransAsia Airways operations difficult to pick up, so that no longer bend". Lin Mingsheng, TransAsia Airways in 2015 the actual operating losses of more than 2 billion yuan at the end of October 2016, a loss of about 2 billion 700 million yuan. On the afternoon of 21 TransAsia Airways announced without warning 22 days suspended for one day, the Taiwan aviation industry and passengers shocked stunned. Lin Mingsheng stressed, announced without warning service, is afraid of news affecting the crew of emotions, to ensure the safety of passengers. TransAsia Airways to determine the dissolution of the estimated follow-up will be affected by 100 thousand passenger trips. 22 at 2 pm, TransAsia Airways held a press conference, the external description, including employee placement, passenger handling and other follow-up matters.   Hui; Huang listed from November 2011 to stop, TransAsia Airways took only 5 years. Listing, the introduction of private equity funds, the purchase of a wide body aircraft, TransAsia Airways has been regarded as a new star of Taiwan airlines, 5 years to fly across the major cities in Asia, the banner is particularly attractive. At that time the revival of vision is very long-term. As early as 2013, the person in charge of the Taiwan Airlines called on a group of 3 low-cost airlines seize the opportunity to fully comply with the recent rise in the trend of low-cost airlines. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, TransAsia Airways was founded in the early 50s of last century, several founders have a distinguished life. One of the founders of Dai Anguo, father is Dai Jitao, father Jiang Jieshi. Another founder Chen Wenkuan, who had been driving a special administrative plane carried over from Jiang Jieshi, Sun Ke, Dai Li, senior officials, such as Song Ziwen and Jiang Jingguo. Now, there are sufficient scenery. Taiwan’s third largest airline in the revival of the legendary story, the painting on the rest. The momentum from the very influential, to Zhuanshuai ended, a lament. The original   because of the deepest impression in the minds of the people in the air crash, two is. In July 2014, TransAsia Airways flight from Kaohsiung to Makung, due to bad weather, heavy flying after failure)相关的主题文章: