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Stephen Fung Prague Castle suitor Hsu Chi   Ruby Lin Luhan stars send blessings map — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn     the day before, Hsu Chi at micro-blog was drying out a photo stills, Hsu Chi sits against the light in a dark and elegant costume single hand, chin thoughtfully, behind like a peer push off this trouble, Hsu Chi with the text: "this stuff is also how temperament ramming chaos." What is worth pondering, Hsu Chi at the end of @ a strange account, then the account also forwarded this curious micro-blog love, users have point into the visit, found the account for Ni Ni head and Hsu Chi intimate photo, micro-blog also is only a concern, only three. So many users have speculated that this is Ni Ni trumpet: the original is the trumpet of the Ni Ni!" "Finished, Ni bold, you small exposure." At the same time, Hsu Chi and the Ni Ni sisters also led users point of praise: "you are true love!" "Trumpet all show loving is not who."     at the same time, a lot of stars also have a message on micro-blog, Hsu Chi’s wedding to send blessings to Stephen Fung.     s: "congratulations! Hsu Chi happy to forever ~ ~ "Li Bingbing:" love, more than anything else! Deeply bless the most beautiful Hsu Chi, the warmth of the happiness of Stephen Fung!!" Ada Choi: wow…. Beauty wit permanent happiness?!" Jeffrey Lau: congratulations! Feng Sheng, Feng Tai!" Liu Ye: "I heard that Hsu Chi was married. Congratulations! 03 years from now to the cooperation of the Department of the three, I wish good luck, I wish happiness!" Ariel Lin: "brave! Bless!" Jolin: "Love is Beautiful~ congratulations to the great beauty Hsu Chi! Sweet dead! Attagirl!" Luhan: "the goddess Hsu Chi elder sister married, full of blessings!" Victoria Song: "congratulations to my SQ sister Hsu Chi, I wish you a happy marriage, love and happiness forever." Mickey Huang: "congratulations to you!"   (commissioning editor: Li Yan, Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: