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Bureau of Statistics: January CPI rose is affected by factors such as the Spring Festival – Sohu securities panorama network February 18th news released by the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2016 January CPI rose 0.5%, rose 1.8%; 0.5% PPI fell, down 5.3%. In this regard, the National Bureau of Statistics Division Senior Statistician Yu Qiumei City explained that CPI rose more, is a strong cold weather affected the production and transportation of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit prices rose 7.2% and 4%; the Spring Festival approaching, the market demand increases, pork prices rose 2.5%. Two, during the winter vacation and Spring Festival travel, the number of people increased, traffic and tourism prices rose significantly. Three is close to the Spring Festival, residents demand for services increased, part of the service prices rose more. Yu Qiumei also pointed out that in January PPI decline narrowed slightly is part of the industrial sector prices turned down by the rise or decline narrowed; year-on-year decline narrowed mainly due to the same period last year compared to a low base effect. (Panorama) author: Li Jie

统计局:1月CPI环比上涨是受春节等因素影响-搜狐证券   全景网2月18日讯 国家统计局今天发布的数据显示,2016年1月份CPI环比上涨0.5%,同比上涨1.8%;PPI环比下降0.5%,同比下降5.3%。对此,国家统计局城市司高级统计师余秋梅解读称,CPI环比上涨较多,一是强寒潮天气影响了鲜菜、鲜果的生产和运输,鲜菜和鲜果价格环比分别上涨7.2%和4.0%;春节临近,市场需求增加,猪肉价格环比上涨2.5%。二是寒假、春运期间出行人数增加,交通和旅游价格上涨明显。三是临近春节,居民对服务的需求增加,部分服务项目价格上涨较多。  余秋梅还指出,1月份PPI环比降幅略有收窄的原因是部分工业行业出厂价格由降转升或降幅缩小;同比降幅收窄主要是受去年同期对比基数较低影响。(全景网)  作者:李洁相关的主题文章: