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The Spring Festival O2O day rent costs over 1000 yuan deposit lawyers said the legal risk – Beijing, Beijing, February 3, (life channel Yuan Ye) "pretend girlfriend, with parents, with the party, see friends, travel escort, with fake marriage wedding (without licensing), not to accompany sleep, not kissing don’t eat……" What do you think of this passage? Yes, some unmarried parents forced from the face of the Spring Festival, the online rent a girlfriend home, an emergency move. Washington lifestyle channel survey found that, similar to let the friends of the information is quite active in the dating site, QQ group. The industry said: "online rental friends are mostly men," recently, the new China Life Channel in the online search found that many vertical websites, QQ groups are engaged in leasing business. In short, as long as the website registered as a member, and then online payment to buy gold coins, you can see the members contact information. However, the page shows that the members are mixed, the motives are different. Relatively reliable way is to contact the website customer service to help guarantee, website staff to verify the identity of both male and female friends, rent friends motivation, and ultimately reach a deal agreement. Beijing lifestyle channel linked to the "rent" the person in charge Xiaoping (a pseudonym), according to its introduction, during the Spring Festival is the rent peak, "80% is the man to rent a girlfriend home with parents, the price is usually 1000 yuan a day or more, according to the man to the woman from aspects of demand will be floating." Whether the woman will have personal safety issues, Xiaoping only said that before the investigation of friends rent motives, verify the identity, "both men and women will be online to face the signing of employment contracts."." According to Xiaoping, before last year’s Spring Festival, there were more than 20 pairs of trading volume in the month before the Spring Festival. Most of them were forced to make blind date at home, but they didn’t want to go. "Now there are nearly 100 people consulted every day, but generally the motives are impure, the real transaction is not much," Xiaoping said, the real rental age is concentrated around 30 years old, monthly income of about seven thousand or eight thousand yuan. Another leasing process called "the rental network with beautiful people" is quite simple, and the service items and prices are negotiated by the leasing friends. Users only need to register themselves as members to send letters to each other. The services involved are "open", including hugging, kissing, and other negotiable services when necessary". Some netizens also publish their own information with private life in the QQ group, Beijing lifestyle channel to rent a girlfriend lady name contact, the other random statement sent to the individual age, height and weight at the beginning and the mentioned related information, and said they had been renting their own times, in addition to remote areas, but the price run. For 1200 yuan a day. Some lawyers pointed out that the leasing industry should be included in the framework of the law as soon as possible, to build a platform for the rule. If allowed to rent industry Xinmayoujiang, without restraint, resulting in nurturing, prostitution and other social problems is not Arabian Nights kept woman. Young women in some friends on the site to rent their own rent the most expensive emergency to keep legal risks according to hire lawyers said the friends network Xiaoping, met the special population day income over a million)

春节O2O租友一天费用超千元 律师称存法律风险-中新网   中新网2月3日电(生活频道 袁野) “假装女友,应付父母,参加聚会,陪见朋友,旅行伴游,可结假婚办婚礼(不领证),不陪睡,不接吻,不陪酒……”看到这段文字你会想到什么?没错,部分未婚人士面临春节父母逼婚,从网上“租”一个女友回家,成为应急之举。中新网生活频道调查发现,类似的招租友信息在交友网站、QQ群颇为活跃。   业内称:网上租友多为男性   近日,中新网生活频道在网上检索发现,不少垂直网站、QQ群都在开展租友业务。简单来说,只要在网站上注册成会员,再进行网络支付购买金币就可以查看会员联系方式等信息。不过,网页显示的会员鱼龙混杂,动机各异。相对可靠的方式是联系网站客服帮忙做担保,网站工作人员对男女双方身份信息、租友动机进行核实考察,最终达成交易协议。   中新网生活频道联系到“租友网”的网站负责人小平(化名),据其介绍,春节期间是租友高峰,“80%都是男方租女友回家应付父母,价格通常为每天1000元以上,根据男方对女方籍贯等方面要求会有所浮动。”   对于女方是否会有人身安全问题,小平只表示会事前考察租友动机,核实身份,“男女双方会在线下当面签订雇佣合同。”   据小平介绍,去年春节前的一个月有20多对成交量,大都是家里逼着相亲自己又不愿意去而不得已选择带假女(男)友回家。“现在每天都有近百人咨询,不过一般都动机不纯,真正成交的不多”,小平表示,真正的租友年龄集中在30岁左右,月收入大概七八千元。   另一家名为“佳人租友网”的租友流程则颇为简单,服务项目及价格也都由租友双方协商。网友只需自己注册成会员就能向对方发信,所涉及的服务项目显得“开放”很多,包括必要时可拥抱、接吻,及“其他可协商的服务”。   也有网友自己在QQ群里发布信息接私活,中新网生活频道以租女友名义联系上一位女士,对方随机发来个人年龄、身高、体重相关信息及本文开头提到的声明,并称已经出租自己多次,除了偏远地区,可全国跑,价格为一天1200元。   有律师指出,租友行业应尽早将其纳入法律的大框架之内,为其搭建规则的平台。若任由租友行业信马由缰,毫无拘束地发展,由此衍生出包养、卖淫、二奶等社会问题就并非天方夜谭。 年轻女性在一些租友网站上对外出租自己   应急者最肯出高价 律师称存法律风险   据租友网小平介绍,遇上特需人群一天收入可过万,“以往案例中有男士本来第二天结婚,结果媳妇头一天跑了,为了面子只能临时花大钱应急”。   不过,这种雇佣男(女)友的合同存在法律风险。京衡律师上海事务所律师余超表示,雇佣关系是指受雇人向雇用人提供劳务,雇用人支付相应报酬形成权利义务关系,“人不是标的物,不能出租,谈不上租赁关系,本质上是一种骗人的行为”。此外,这种恶意患通也损害了父母的利益。   也有网友评价称,这种租友方式看似是孝顺父母,实际上是一种欺骗,博父母高兴是一时的,伤害却是永远的,还不如把租女友的钱用来给父母买礼物。   小平在接受采访中也坦言,并不提倡单身人士通过租友的方式应对父母逼婚,网站目的是真正帮助那些确实需要应急的人。(中新网生活频道)相关的主题文章: