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Careers-Employment When I was in college, I had a couple of roommates who never got along. Theyd fight about every little thing. Dishes didnt get washed; something was left on the floor; one roommate was too loud when he came home; one roommate was too loud when he woke up early for work. We had problems after problems between these two. I remember one specific incident when one of them threw a plate full of food at the other. The other roommate dodged the plate and it crashed against the wall and shattered. The food made a mess all over the couch and some of it got on my clothes as well as the roommate who was targeted. He immediately got up and charged the other roommate who had thrown the plate. From there ensued a punching match that I tried to break up. My efforts were futile. No matter what I said or did, I couldnt seem to resolve their problems. This went on for two and a half months. The semester was well under way, and I would have to study at the library if I wanted to get anything done. I never knew when both roommates would be in the apartment at the same time. For some reason, neither of them decided it would work best if one of them moved out. Well, they would always say the other should move out, but neither one would actually be the one to move out. So an ongoing conflict continued to upset the peaceful balance of our apartment. My other roommate (the fourth) would be out of town half of the time, so he didnt even care. But when he was in town and witnessed the battle between these two, hed shout at them to stop and leave it at that. We didnt have much of a clue as to how to resolve this issue. One day, our neighbor knocked on the door. My roommates were at it again, and we desperately needed someone to intervene. Our neighbor had a knack for these situations. He sat them both down, one at a time and spoke with them. I dont know all of what he said, because he went to a private room for these chats. He mediated the affair and after this first chat, both of my roommates calmed down. He then brought them both into this private room and spoke with them both in the room at the same time. Somehow, he came to an agreement between the three of them. I never knew what it was that he did, but somehow he managed to bridge the fiery gap that caused so much anger. He found a way to bring them both to a .promise they both could live with. It was incredible! My roommate who was out of town at the time returned that weekend, expecting the usual affair. He was prepared to shout out more orders for the two idiots to stop fighting, but when the usual spark flew, neither roommate took the bait. They both were calm and resolved about the matter. Their fire had been put out temporarily and they were no longer up at arms about everything the other did. My out of town roommate was just as surprised as could be! He couldnt believe the transformation and when he and I were alone, his curiosity got the best of him. He had to ask what transpired while he was gone. So I relayed the whole story. He and I both came to the conclusion that our neighbor would be great for HR jobs . We brought our neighbor over one day and introduced the subject. We both said he should look into HR manager jobs or even HR assistant jobs. Hed be a perfect fit for it. We were all in college, so all the different occupations were on our minds. We had just learned about the HR department and its role in business. It just made sense that our neighbor would be well equipped and qualified for jobs in HR. When we mentioned this to him, he really thought about it. At the time, he was a political science major, but he mentioned he was actually looking to transfer to a different major. When we brought up Human Resources as an option, he really took to it. A few weeks later, he knocked on the door and said he took our advice and applied for the .munications department, majoring in Human Resources. We congratulated him and thought hed really do well in that department. We could really see him conquer an HR job once he was finished with school. A few years later, I received a phone call. It was from that neighbor of ours. He just called to let me know that he had applied for HR jobs and just barely received the position. He was excited about his new position and looked forward to resolving the issues of his fellow co-workers. He looked forward to applying for HR manager jobs a few years later once he had a little more experience in the field. It was a great conversation and I congratulated him and wished him well. I knew hed do great in that position and was sure hed be putting out big fires in that .pany before he knew it. Hed be a great asset to that .pany in keeping the employees happy with each other and working together. I relayed the message to my other old college roommates and they also thought it was a perfect fit for him. The two roommates who used to fight all the time were now great friends, thanks to our neighbor! It just goes to show, that even some apartments need their own HR departmentwe had ours and look what that ac.plished! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: