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Shock! 2 billion 500 million pieces of Mani stone piled up the wonders of the world – Sohu that tourism Scarlett mani rubble located in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai province rural town two kilometers, the new village, 3800 meters above sea level. Scarlett the Mani stone by the city in 1700 BC, the Tibetan Buddhist monk Martin San Cho Pa Jung (Scarlett Scarlett that the Buddha created). According to historical records, the Buddha is Scarlett KHAMPA who practice in Mount Emei and the Mount Wutai, and the Tibetan holy Pilgrimage Tour after. Scarlett the Buddha came to the new village, found a natural appearance of Mani stone six words Sutra, Buddha thinks that it is the will of God, and he lived in this village. The same people together and chiselling Mani stone spent his life, so it is also called Gia Naama Ni. In the understanding of what is eight before, we must understand what is Mani stone. Manis is a piece of white stone in the Tibetan Inscription "six words", "Tripitaka", there are a variety of Buddha and auspicious patterns, and decorated with colorful. The name of Mani stone is the most original "Mazhi stone". This is the mantra III Tathagata character mantra "OM. Mar Chimuyesaled", taken in front of the "Mazhi" two words to. According to legend, in fact, is the evolution from mani Dui Paleolithic to the armory. The old stone age, natural stone is one of the hunting tools, so people put a lot of throwing stones stacked together, there can be prey, one after another will throw stones, which can increase the firepower of a prey can prevent wounding. Therefore, Maany S also has the symbol of the God of war, people hope that God of war to protect themselves, given peace and happiness. Later, due to the development of religion and infiltration, these stones slowly endowed with religious significance, and become a disaster for me. Devout Tibetan Buddhists believe that as long as the continuous, persevere them day and night meditation six words engraved in stone, these stones will have a supernatural spirit, can make them clear this world " ", and can lead to sin; they walked into they have long fascinated the western paradise. The town that Scarlett Mani stone city covers an area of 25 acres (about 16 thousand and 700 square meters), the existing 2 billion 500 million Mani stone block, 283 meters from east to west, North and South 74 meters wide, 2.5 meters high, Scarlett is that mani rubble Guinness world record of the world’s largest eight. The surrounding rock of Mani built a temple, a large prayer hall and 10 pagodas, 10 large zhuangjingtong, more than and 300 small zhuanjingtong, around the rock by the turn of the Tibetan people from 5 in the morning to the sun is packed in an endless stream. The huge rock Mani zhuanjingtong Scarlett that mani rubble temple, the monks are arranged for the Buddha tibet. This is for the big Buddha to install Tibet not installed hidden Buddha statues are all covered with hidden 1 small Buddha head相关的主题文章: