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Shijiazhuang mobile phone charging man put the bed after waking up to disappear the newspaper news (reporter Li Bing) recently, Mr. Guo people encountered a strange thing, before going to sleep at night, when he put the mobile phone in the mobile phone charging window after waking up, but take wings to itself. Mr. Guo and his girlfriend rented in the capital of the three religions in the west old village in a rented room in September 25th, before going to sleep at night, Mr. Guo put on the mobile phone charging cable to hand in the bed near the window. About 5:30 in the morning of the second day, Mr. Guo, who woke up, suddenly found that the cell phone on the windowsill was missing. Think of the phone may fall under the bed, Guo went out of bed to look for, and then try to dial a bit. Guo found that his cell phone was disconnected after two or three seconds, and then shut down. Taking into account the mobile phone may be stolen, Guo immediately dialed 110 alarm. Three west police station police on duty Zhang Yonghui and Shi Xiangfeng arrived, carefully check the room, found signs of burglary and no stranger. In the investigation, the police found that the window sill that had been put on the mobile phone was slit. "When you sleep at night, do you open the window?"" The face of police interrogation, Mr. Guo said that he slept really opened the window of a narrow slit, but did not open when the arrival of the police so wide. In this regard, preliminary analysis of the police, the thief may be through the windows to see the charging on the windowsill or mobile phone charging line, and then along the line will be clawed through the window slits charging mobile phone stolen. Subsequently, the police handed over the case to the police station for further investigation. According to Mr. Guo’s encounter, the police reminded the rental households, tenants were not familiar with each other, and the personnel component complex rental housing security facilities simple, tenants must always take good care of your valuables, pay attention to rest and go out in the locked doors and windows, to avoid criminals loophole.

石家庄男子手机放床头充电 睡醒后竟然消失不见了   本报讯(记者 李兵)近日,市民郭先生遇到了一件奇怪事,晚上睡觉前,他明明将手机放在窗台充电,醒来后手机却不翼而飞。   郭先生和女友租住在省会西三教旧村的一处出租房中,9月25日晚上睡觉前,郭先生把插上充电线的手机随手放在床头附近的窗台上。第二天凌晨5点半左右,睡醒的郭先生忽然发现,窗台上的手机竟然不见了。   想到手机可能掉到了床下面,郭先生下床仔细寻找,并随后试着拨打了一下。郭先生发现,他的手机在接通两三秒后就被挂断,随后便关机。考虑到手机可能被盗,郭先生立刻拨打了110报警。   西三教警务站值班民警张永辉和石向峰赶到后,仔细查看了房间内的情况,发现并没有外人入室盗窃的迹象。调查中,民警发现曾经放手机的窗台窗户开着一条缝儿,“晚上睡觉时你开着窗户了?”   面对民警的询问,郭先生表示,他在睡觉时确实将窗户打开了一条狭窄的小缝,但并没有民警到来时打开的那么宽。   对此,民警初步分析,窃贼有可能是通过窗户缝隙看到了窗台上正在充电的手机或充电线,进而扒开窗户缝顺着充电线将手机偷走。随后,民警将此案移交辖区派出所做进一步调查。   针对郭先生的遭遇,民警提醒广大租房户,租户相互间大多不熟悉,人员成分复杂并且出租房防盗设施简易,租户一定要随时看管好自己的贵重物品,注意在休息及外出时锁闭好门窗,以免被不法分子钻空子。相关的主题文章: