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Shijiazhuang environmental monitoring point is double protection: stopped goods – Sohu news frequency sprinkler road barricades blocking the passing truck recently, according to Shijiazhuang media reports, Shijiazhuang City 57 Road Subdistrict Office hired security guards to arrest the past large trucks on the road near the school. It is reported that the car because the road to have an atmospheric environmental monitoring station, the atmospheric environmental monitoring data in order to "look", so no big truck pass. Television pictures of local media showed that in the vicinity of Shijiazhuang Xuefu Road and Willow Street intersection with the barricades, leaving only about two middle road car by distance, next to a piece of legislation with a "prohibited all freight vehicles through the warning signs. People wearing these vehicles to intercept the security service, from time to time to stop the truck stopped over, the truck driver said, this road is not over. It is understood that the intercept vehicle personnel is not the local Highways Department staff, nor the local traffic police, 57 Road Subdistrict Office but by this road is to find the security area. A security guard said that they did not enforce the law, check the car is contracted to live. In addition to the car check point, from here to the West until 3 kilometers North Avenue intersection and a sports car check point. All they had to do was to stop all the lorries from passing through the College Road between the two points. According to the security, because there is an atmospheric environmental monitoring station of the road, so be hailed, banning all trucks by. It is understood that the security of the atmospheric environment monitoring station is located on the campus of Hebei University of Economics and Business. In this regard, the majority of the students of Hebei University of Economics and Business does not know of the monitoring station inside, only know the sprinkler often appear in the Hebei University of Economics and Business hospital, the road is often the "wet" state. Hebei University of Economics and Business ODA told reporters BYD, the monitoring station should be behind the "teaching" of the teaching building, looks like a piece of land where everyone is a guess for a long time to know what to do. In fact, most of the students do not know the school has an atmospheric environmental monitoring station. There are many trees near the monitoring station, there will be a sprinkler sprinkler on campus, the road is often wet. The sprinkler operation staff told local media in Hebei economic and Trade College, he was sent to the environmental protection department, because the campus has a atmospheric environment monitoring station, so to be watering. Yesterday, Hebei University of Economics and Business Propaganda Department staff told reporters BYD, do have an atmospheric environmental monitoring station on campus, often in the school the sprinkler sprinkler, but should be the daily management of the school environment, and atmospheric environmental monitoring station data collection, the staff said did not know. 57 Street office staff in an interview with local media, said the reason for the establishment of the car is mainly to check the point of view to prevent environmental pollution, specific he is not very clear, the leadership is not responsible for the. BYD reporter with the Shijiazhuang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau made contact, the Propaganda Department staff said that this matter is not under their control, you need to contact the municipal Party committee propaganda department. As of press time reporter, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Propaganda Department did not respond to the matter. Text newspaper reporter Wang Tianqi相关的主题文章: