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Shandong will focus on the treatment of "Zibo – Weifang" 8 groundwater overdraft – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Ji’nan September 20th news (reporter Wei Shengyao) "the comprehensive utilization of water resources in Shandong province in the long term plan" recently approved by the Shandong Provincial People’s government began to implement. According to the "Zibo – Weifang" and "Shenxian – Xiajin" 8 groundwater overdraft, the plan will focus on the implementation of Northwest overdraftedzone governance, rainwater resource utilization, recharge and other projects, the gradual recovery and increase the groundwater level. Ma Chengxin, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Water Conservancy Department said, Shandong water resources are very tight, the per capita water resources is only 315 cubic meters, a serious water shortage area belongs to the United Nations as the per capita consumption of less than 500 cubic meters. The limited water resources still need to meet the economic, social, ecological and other comprehensive water demand, resulting in a number of ecological and environmental problems, performance is more prominent in the formation of groundwater overdraft funnel area. According to reports, the long-term exploitation of groundwater in Shandong formed a "Zibo – Weifang" and "Shenxian – Xiajin" 8 groundwater overdraft area, an area of 10 thousand and 400 square kilometers. Therefore, a clear plan, Shandong will focus on the implementation of surface water and groundwater over exploitation in Northwest Shandong overdraftedzone governance project, promote the implementation of the Asian Development Bank loans in the area of groundwater overdraft governance project. Ma Cheng said that Shandong will control the total in the first place, through the step by step overdraftedzone cities and counties issued annual groundwater exploitation control index, so as to strictly control the total exploitation; secondly will vigorously implement the rainwater resource utilization, unconventional water utilization project, groundwater overexploitation of water replacement and replacement; finally, through the implementation of recharge recharge engineering, increase groundwater recharge, and strive to achieve the "hidden in the water".相关的主题文章: