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Shandong: improvement of assessment standards forced to promote ecological environment improvement according to the "Shandong news network" reported that in the construction of ecological civilization, the implementation of Shandong gradually strict environmental standards, improve the assessment mode, the standard forced to promote the ecological environment continued to improve. Early autumn inland wetland Mata lake ecological, beautiful, green in the water, the water in the Lake District, Scirpus Tabernaemontani, wild rice and other vegetation is rich, red legged snake, egrets, herons and other birds habitat. 10 years ago, Mata lake is not so at that time, industrial pollution, sewage straight row, plus the lake area of lake reclamation, wetland area decreased by 80%. 2003, Shandong determined to crack down on strict national standards for emissions of pollutants, the standard forced enterprises to increase investment in environmental protection. Shandong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Liu Shi told reporters at the river, "a part can not meet the current needs of environmental protection, make it from the stage of history cannot achieve discharge standards of the enterprise, make some determined to implement the concept of environmental protection, determined to implement the environmental protection investment enterprise and development". Ma stepped around the lake is part of the business was closed, and companies such as HSBC petrochemical in the development of environmental protection standard transformation. Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Wang said, now the sewage treatment emissions stable at the level of A emission standards, while the depth of treatment, we achieved the reclaimed water reuse". The standard also have forced the biggest pollution Shandong papermaking enterprises transformed from the original more than and 700 reduced to ten, and the yield is over two times, profits doubled four times, emissions industry fell by more than 80%, with the transformation and upgrading of polluting enterprises, Shandong water environmental quality continued to improve for 13 consecutive years. The country has just released focus on water pollution prevention and control 2015 annual examination results in Shandong, Huaihe, Haihe River Basin respectively achieved nine consecutive years and seven consecutive. Step by step is not only the water standard and gas standards, Shandong 2013 to 2020 air pollution prevention and control plan, the implementation of the reform in, the gradual improvement of the standard of 8 stages, and in the year of 2020, more than in the year of 2010. This makes Linyi City home ignition, household smoke hundreds of enterprises feel the pressure plate. Fog days and fog days is basically a feeling, said Song Gang, President of Linyi wood industry association. To this end, Linyi invested 1 billion yuan, the construction of a central heating center, hundreds of small chimney pollution was replaced by a super low emission chimney. Linyi sunshine heating Co., Ltd., general manager of the Western heating center, told reporters, is only ten thousand times the soot reduction". Do board, can also have a blue sky, these two days, autumn sunset, maxed out the staff’s circle of friends. President of the Linyi timber industry association Song Gang introduced, "we export products this year, inspection batches in reducing the export value in the growth of our products in value-added products increased". Enterprises have pressure, governments also take care to spell, Shandong gradually improved the quality of atmospheric environment as the binding requirements of regional development, innovation and evaluation system, the establishment of ecological compensation system to improve air quality based on the.相关的主题文章: