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Business If you are planning to buy a boat propeller then your selection is likely to depend on two factors: the propellers size and the engines horsepower. For ensuring optimum boat performance and also the engines fuel efficiency, these two factors are extremely important. However, other than these two, there are other important considerations as well like pitch, size, the number of blades, and also the material out of which the propeller is made. Below cited in details are the factors that one needs to consider for a proper selection of boat propellers: Attention must be given to the diameter and the pitch while selecting a boat propeller. Diameter refers to the circle that is made by the rotating blades and pitch refers to the distance in which the boat moves forward with every rotation of the blade. The engine manufacturers of the boa will be the best to guide you on the ideal pitch and diameter size. The next thing to consider is the number of blades of the propeller. Usually the props have three to four blades. A propeller that has four blades is fast, allows quick acceleration, less slippage, and the holding power is even better. However, the propellers that have three blades can be updated to four blades. Another thing to consider is the cupping of the blade. Cupping refers to the curve at the blades edge. The more the cupping, the better it is, for the prop will have better grip on the water. Moreover, it is better if the blade is not thick enough. A boat propellers should always be made of non corrosive and durable material. It is always better to go for aluminum props, stainless steel props or .posite props. Different materials are suitable for different waters; however, .posite props are suitable for all water types. Thus, buying boat propellers will not be a trouble with these tips and guidelines and one can be assured of getting the best one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: