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UnCategorized Basically the dreaded state of overwhelm occurs when you take too long to make your decisions, or you let second and third thoughts arise in your head. You’re standing still and the weeds of internet overwhelm paralysis are winding around your ankles .ing up to your knees aiming to strangle you by the neck. Yes it is a jungle out there, but you have to wield your machete continually and keep moving toward on your path. There is a light you can see through all the entangling vines, don’t keep your eyes off of it. Keep moving. Now moving along your path implies that you have a plan and a goal in mind. If you don’t you will surely be.e lunch for some beast of the forest, taking huge bites out of your funds and sucking your will to persevere. Form realizable, small goals and work towards them. Internet marketing success is a learning journey more than anything, and the only error is not to fail because we learn by our mistakes. Keep moving. You know, it is probably impossible to .pletely go on the wagon from all the glittering new programs, ebooks, WSO’s and keyword tools that are popping out with alarming frequency. I’ll bet even the biggest "guru’s" buy them all the time 😉 You always will learn something from a WSO and you should; but never let up on your pace of putting stuff up, making an offer, or hammering out an article or two constantly. You can’t put up an article and know for certain that it will make sales, but you do know that if you put up articles on a constant basis occasionally you will produce a winner. So the more you produce, the more winners will .e out of you. It’s a numbers game. How to stop overwhelm? Realize now that you have to start out small, and maybe not with all the tools you think you need; but you do know enough to get something up and start making sales. In fact you know more that 99.99% of the population and you should congratulate yourself on that. Determine exactly what are the actions that directly result in a sale and money in your pocket, write them out and do them as your first priority. In fact make it your goal to do those very things this week. Usually those tasks are: 1. Put up a classified ad, send out an email, or write and publish an article (assuming you already have a website or affiliate links set up) 2. Make in informative, incisive forum post or blog .ment redirecting the reader back to you site (presumably ready for buying clicks) Do the things that only result in sales; not reading more forum posts, watching a tutorial video listening to a motivational audio or vid, or trying to get that cool do-hickey widget to work right on your site…those are all distractions and frankly time-wasters. Believe me, the nearly .asmic thrill you get when you see that "funds received" email will be about 1,000 times greater than that little buzz you get from buying the latest (shiniest), "sure thing" ebook or marketing program that just took another little choice bite out of your wallet. After having learned a few things about keywords, search engines, and marketing, you are ready to take the next step, which is throw something up and see what happens. The only thing that can stop you now…is you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: