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RMB internationalization opportunities in Europe – International – people.com.cn day ago, held in Frankfurt the nineteenth Euro financial week "China day forum, RMB internationalization opportunities, become the focus of the topic. As of October this year, the official introduction of the RMB currency basket of the International Monetary Fund, the RMB internationalization process ushered in a landmark development. At present, there are 101 countries as one of its currency. Europe is the most important offshore RMB market outside Asia, including in London, Luxemburg and Frankfurt, including offshore centers, RMB deposits have considerable scale. ‘Yuan’ into the basket ‘is only the first stage, is currently in the second phase. RMB will not only appear as a reserve currency in trade, but also will be used as investment currency, you will see more transactions in RMB settlement." Ben Shenglin, President of the Institute of Internet finance, Zhejiang University, said at the forum. In May this year, the Ministry of finance Chinese issued 3 billion yuan denominated bonds in London, this is the first sale of offshore bonds China in areas outside Hongkong, more than two times oversubscribed, 58% bonds by Europe, the Middle East and Africa investors. In addition to the RMB bond investment hot, RMB internationalization of China and even the European financial industry reform, have a role in promoting. Ben Shenglin told reporters that the internationalization of RMB has gone for nearly 10 years, which also effectively promote the reform of the RMB market. Moreover, the internationalization of the RMB can effectively complement the deficiencies of the international financial and monetary system, and further promote the optimization of global economic governance, financial governance." As an important financial center in Europe, Frankfurt plays an important role in the process of financial cooperation between China and Europe, especially in the process of RMB internationalization." Matilda China ambassador to Germany said the history of the China Europe International Exchange in November last year, put into operation in Frankfurt, has been and will continue to launch a series of competitive and attractive RMB securities products chain, provides ample liquidity, a variety of products for the European platform holders of the renminbi. At present, more than half of the payment settlement in europe. Sino German trade volume is two times in Britain, in Germany, the actual investment in China is 1.34 times that of the UK, the Sino German cooperation step towards RMB should be bigger and more. In this regard, Ben Shenglin said: "in the new European financial sector, such as the development of Internet banking and financial technology relatively late, and the countries of Europe’s own regulatory system is relatively rigid a certain relationship. Of the top ten Internet Co in the world, there are about 4 Chinese companies. As can be seen, in the field of information economy, Internet banking and e-commerce, China and the United States presents a global trend. In this sense, the strengthening of cooperation with China, to cultivate new industries in Europe can bring great opportunities." "Despite recent fluctuations in the exchange rate, the RMB is still very strong currency." HSBC German capital market of RMB business for gentle? Jorgen Sen said, now China all over the world have investment)相关的主题文章: