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Return from shallow purple to deep golden color, Song Jia hair promotion textbooks — fashion — original title: return to Shenzhen from shallow gold powder to the color purple, Song Jia hair promotion textbooks but Hair Coloring playing Song Jia finally went back to black, and the dye yen value instant recovery, increase gas quality! This straightforward yet feminine bangs hair, with geometric sense tailoring with fashionable texture, showing a messy style short hair, long bangs eyebrows also played the role of modified face, neck and shoulder word collocation curves show, give out! Who said the oil head belongs to God, Song Jia is head of oil and gas field full, one in the posture! All-back a short handed offensive personality, with wet hair styling products to create texture, delicate and fashionable, for plaid shirt, as boyfriend just like the wind, like soft, for Song Jia’s ROCK adolescent temperament plus a lot of points. Editors: L’OREAL Paris salon exclusive gold by RMB108 100ml hair oil rose essence can be used for dry hair, wet hair, rinse free repair essence can further strengthen? Core, make hair from the inside to the outside, really moisturizing lock water, and thus enhance the flexibility and vitality of silk?, to show the 360 degree zero dead roses? Light! (Jiang Qi cormon, commissioning editor: car)相关的主题文章: