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Inter.-Marketing Hey ePreneurs! Have you started your video marketing today? If not you definitely should. This is because video marketing is one of the greatest online marketing strategies you can use today. It helps with your SEO (Because YouTube is now owned by Google), therefore increases your business exposure online. It also helps you connect with your customers by getting their feedback about your businesss products/services online paving a way to improve your business even more. But with the recent turn of events online, there are information about video marketing success that was initially believed to be true but now are not exactly applicable anymore. Better be aware than sorry so here are the top 3 truths about video marketing: 1.Short video equals to more views and subscribers. Not! It was said that the attention span of video viewers are only less than 2 minutes and 53 seconds. So, ePreneurs are trying their best to create videos under this time span thinking that this will lead them to many video views and subscribers. But actually, this is not exactly true. There are videos under 2 minutes and 53 seconds time span but still do not attract views because it so boring. You can have a longer video and still rock! Just make sure that your video will keep your viewers hooked that they will be glued to their sit till the video ends. 2.There is no direct correlation to the cost of a video and its effectiveness. It was said that the more you spend, the more it is possible that your video marketing will bring business success. But this is not true. You can just create a video using your iPhones and still get the views and subscribers you want. Just be resourceful, creative and innovative, and of course be mindful of the videos sound and lighting quality and you will be good. 3.Viral videos do not necessarily mean instant business success. It was said that creating viral videos is the way to go if you want to an instant success for your business. But this is not entirely true. Creating viral video marketing is a hit-or-miss possibility. There is no formula to creating one. So instead of focusing and getting frustrated on creating a viral video, your business is better off creating quality contents that are target to your niche. Because yes — having viral videos will help your business gain exposure online, but this does not mean that your target audience will see it. Video marketing success it is not easy to achieve. But with the right information at hand, as well as continued effort to deliver quality content and value, video marketing success for your business is one step closer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: