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Business Quality Language Services Benefit Your Business A document arrives at your office. It needs to be translated into Mandarin for a big potential client, and it needs to be translated stat. You hand it over to your assistant, who grew up speaking Mandarin at home, or maybe he just took classes in college. You can’t quite remember, but that’s no matter. You are in luck. You won’t have to dip into your budget to pay a language service to translate the paperwork for you. Maybe you should rethink your plans. As competent as your assistant may be at his job, if he isn’t a certified translator, he won’t be able to provide the professional quality your client demands. Let’s consider what makes for a qualified translator. The most common mistake amateur translators make is that they translate word for word. Translators from quality language services, however, translate meaning, taking into account the context of the words and specialized lingo. As a result, the translated document is not only linguistically correct, but also flows naturally. Amateur translations, on the other hand, often sound like English-Mandarin hybrids. While amateur translators may attempt to translate meaning, this isn’t as easy to do as it sounds. Language services hire translators who have trained to translate meaning, so it has become second nature to them. Language services also provide expertise in your business’ specific field. While it is true your staff members know your business inside out, chances are they only know it in one language. Translators specialize in a particular area – it can be medical, legal or technological – and they learn the ins and outs of the field in both the source language and the target language. As a result, they are familiar with the terms used in your line of business and keep up with changes. A poorly translated document will make your clients and potential clients doubt your knowledge. Then there is the time issue. Remember we said you needed to translate your document stat? Everything in business today has to be done ASAP, and that includes translation. Professional translators from language services are trained to work quickly. Because they study and work in their source and target languages every day, they are able to meet deadlines with ease. Your poor amateur assistant turned translator will end up spending way too much with his nose in a dictionary, going online to confirm his translation and triple checking all his work. And he still might not get it right. Meanwhile, your customers are waiting, wondering if you really want to do business with them after all. Unless your business exists to cut costs alone, then seeking help from professional translation language services is the only way to go. Translation done right – done professionally – will demonstrate to your clients that you do everything on time and with excellence. It will send them the message that you are 100% committed to doing business with them, and they in turn will become committed to doing business with you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: