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Qiao Renliang Joe Chen: the total exposure to move close to surprise Joe Chen Qiao Renliang died. Joe Chen wept tears of Sina entertainment news today [micro-blog] Joe Chen in a letter to Qiao Renliang [micro-blog] long poke a lot of lacrimal gland. Some users also drying out of the previous Qiao Renliang in a show in the program to take care of the details of Joe Chen. Qiao Renliang various intimate move, once again let many users sad, netizens said life was a Qiao Renliang enough, but he did not in the. In the show, Qiao Renliang revealed his friendship with Joe Chen for many years. Qiao Renliang said there was a time for Joe Chen to participate in the event, in order to surprise for the Joe Chen. He disguised as the activities of the grey wolf, approached Joe Chen won caps at that moment, Joe Chen was frightened and very happy. Qiao Renliang said to give her a second surprise is very happy. Qiao Renliang then said that Joe Chen is very fond of bed, go to a place with a pillow or his own often holding a teddy bear doll. In order to help her solve this problem, there is a Qiao Renliang dinner and saw a limited edition of the restaurant Tactic bears need to consume a certain sum of money to give, so Qiao Renliang called the cast please everyone to eat, said to take the bear for Joe Chen. After the online shopping when Qiao Renliang saw a roughly 3 meter high bear doll, directly buy express to Joe Chen, Joe Chen received dumbfounding, because a fat bear bear was pressed into the. Joe Chen wants to back to Taiwan, and not shipped, so has been placed with her in Hengdian. Qiao Renliang also said that Joe Chen loves to eat, what to eat, leading to acne sometimes face. Qiao Renliang will accompany her to do SPA, acne, but also to help her analysis in the end what caused the long acne. A friend of Qiao Renliang all sorts of intimate action, let netizens marvel. Netizen emotion: life is a "Qiao Renliang" is enough. But Qiao Renliang is no longer alive. (xlzy text)相关的主题文章: